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Spending the Holidays at the Cottage: Your Packing Checklist

The family has decided to spend the upcoming holiday at a cottage this year. You’ve rented the cottage, you took the appropriate time off from work, and you can’t wait to escape the city for a couple of weeks. It’s been a few years since you’ve spent this much time up north, away from the office and the hustle and bustle of urban life, and you’re a little nervous about what to pack.

Typically, during the summer months, you’d throw a bathing suit, towel, and a couple of cotton t-shirts in a bag. But, sadly,seeing as how the lake is mostly frozen, you can’t go swimming in the middle of December.

But not to worry, there are other winter-appropriate things to do! Whether you’re going to spend most of the time indoors around the fire, or engaging in outdoor family winter activities, read on to discover our checklist of winter cottage essentials.

Your Warmest Jacket

While you’ll spend a significant amount of time indoors, catching up with family and relaxing, you’ll also want to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. You might want to practice your cross-country skiing skills or take a walk through the pine-scented forest. Bring your down parka or the closest thing to it so you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors without feeling like you’re going to turn into Frosty the Snowman.

Many Pairs of Thermal Socks

Don’t forget to bring many pairs of your best thermal socks for winter comfortable to wear inside and out of the cottage. One of the worst feelings is having cold feet. When your feet are cold, you can’t concentrate on anything else. Sometimes, when the temperature is low enough, the circulation in your feet can decrease, causing thatuncomfortable numbing feeling. The right thermal socks prevent this from happening, even in the coldest of winters.Thermal fabric traps heat close to the skin and pulls moisture away, keeping your feet nice and toasty.

Board Games

When you’re not outside admiring the majesty of the winter wonderland, you’ll be spending quality time with the family inside the cozy cottage. Board games are the quintessential family activity. Instead of crowding around the television for hours, board games encourage people to put their thinking caps on and come together as a team.

Snow Boots

Pack a pair of durable, water-proof, and warm snow boots for the trip.Without high-quality snow boots, you won’t have the opportunity to explore the wilderness that’s all around you. Ensure that they’re worn-in before you get there if they’re brand new. New boots need to mould to your foot before you can comfortably wear them for long walks. Otherwise, you might form painful blisters on your feet as you wear them out for a hike in the woods. Before you leave the city, wear the boots around the house for a few days to break them in.

You want this holiday in a cottage with the family to be the best one yet. By staying warm and dry with the right clothing and socks, and some fun indoor family activities, you’ll have one to remember for a lifetime.

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