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The Fate of Reality TV Shows in Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taken every industry by storm. Be it the education sector, entrainment industry, or business sector, the coronavirus has changed how everything used to operate in the world. In the United States, the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing at a high rate. While some states have decided to lift the pandemic restrictions, major restrictions are still being followed in the country.

Following this, the entertainment industry is also facing hurdles in making content for the audience. Many productions have been halted along with a stop in the production of content for internet streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

Considering this, people were in more need of entertainment than ever before. This is because the pandemic restrictions have left us with few options to keep ourselves busy and entertained. Not only are we not allowed to step out of our homes but the constant fear of getting infected, causing trouble for yourself and your loved ones is not letting us have a moment of peace throughout these months. And with all of this, the unavailability of real-time content is just increasing the anxiety for many.

The cable TV service providers have managed to ease access to networks by providing affordable cable TV packages for households in times of crisis. For instance, the WOW cable TV has affordable cable TV packages that are the gateway to timely entrainment. But there’s little you can do with old content even if you have the best cable TV provider service in your home.

However, in such times the reality TV shows took people by surprise. While people were feeling alienated due to lack of human interaction during the coronavirus debacle, the reality TV show reminded them to how it feels to have a  normal life.

If you did not have the time to watch some of the best reality shows while you were self-quarantined, the time has come.

We have made a list of the popular reality TV shows that entertained people in self-isolation and are still planning to enrich people’s lives with entertainment.

Let’s see how reality TV shows are managing to take their content further in the coronavirus world.

Big Brother Brasil

Without a live studio audience and with high hygiene concerns and constant monitoring of the show participants by the medical team, the Big Brother Brasil was still going on in the Pandemic. The reality TV show entails everybody being roommates and leading their life according to the show rules and demands.

This show is intro to slice of life entertainment content for the people missing human interaction. If you need a dose of what life would be if you were boarding with strangers in a room then you can only do it, virtually.

Also shows like Big Brother have gained more viewership since the pandemic as people could now relate to the contestants sufferings such as subbing over household chores, limited food supplies, struggling living with people that you have differences with under one roof, and more such things. The pandemic has turned our life into a reality show, but the only difference is that we will not get the fame in the end.

Too Hot to Handle

The show that you thought would break all coronavirus restrictions, will take you by surprise once you start watching it. Too Hot To Handle can be called a social distancing experiment as it brings entrainment and coronavirus restriction in combination on the table.

The show that restricts insanely hot guys and girls from being close to each other in a place that screams “intimacy”, the show has made some serious rules. No Kissing. No heavy petting. No sex. If anyone breaks the rules it will result in a decrease in the $100,000 prize.

While the entertainment comes with participants breaking the rules but the show is relatable for socially distanced couples and even those that living under one roof in times of coronavirus.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

With Kim announcing the cancelation of the popular reality TV show after its next and last season, Keeping up with Kardashians is available for people to binge-watch all along.

The show that sparked numerous debates and controversies is finally coming to an end. The show has ruled the reality TV industry for quite a long time.

If you haven’t got to know what makes the Kardashian mainly so famous then you need to watch this show.


With the cancelation of some major sporting events such as the 2020 Olympics, Wimbledon, Euro 2020, and more, the TV industry is now surviving at the mercy of reality TV shows. The reality TV shows we mentioned are not to be missed.

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