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The Many Benefits of Meat Delivery for the Holidays

Traditions ground us — they give us something to look forward to, and offer a beautiful respite from an otherwise busy world. But they also place a lot of demands on us, and the lead-up to holidays like Christmas can in fact be incredibly stressful.

While the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down many aspects of life, it has made others even more difficult. Many grocery stores limit the number of shoppers allowed inside at any given time, and in large cities it is now not uncommon to see long lineups outside supermarkets during peak shopping hours.

If you want to buy all the necessary ingredients for a magnificent holiday dinner but you don’t want to battle traffic and stand in line for hours to pick up turkey, chicken, lamb, or seafood, here are three reasons to order through a grocery delivery service.

1. You Don’t Have to Leave Your Home

The main advantage of any delivery service is that it connects you to a wide range of different producers so you can compare and contrast products and prices from the comfort of your own home.

Instead of having to get bundled up and drive down to the supermarket,all you have to do is go on a website, browse the products, and pick out the ones you want. Not only does this save you a trip, during the busyness of the holidays, when certain meats are in high demand, you never have to worry whether the grocery store will have what you’re looking for.

2. You Can Buy Gourmet Products

If you’re ordering groceries online, it unlocks a lot of exciting options that you might not normally buy. For example, if you’re looking for grass fed beef in Chicago the easiest way to get it is through truLOCAL, a specialised meat delivery company that serves Americans across the Midwest.

Because truLOCAL cuts out the middle man and sources products directly from local farmers, the time from when the meat is prepared to when it arrives at your doorstep is significantly shorter. This means you have an overall fresher product that also supports the local economy. It also makes foods that fetch a premium price, like filet mignon, more affordable to ordinary people.

3. Your Order is Delivered Right to Your Door

Perhaps the best thing about ordering your meats online is that online suppliers like truLOCAL allow you to get high-quality meat at almost the last minute.

You can generally receive your order within two days at most, and because they don’t have to worry about the more complicated logistic supply chains that supermarkets use, if you realize you’re running low on chicken thighs, sausages, bacon, or steak, you can quickly order another meat box and receive it in time for your big celebration.

During the pandemic, grocery delivery has gone from being an occasional necessity to an everyday necessity for millions. But the convenience and speed of delivery is never more useful than during the holiday season. If you want good ingredients quickly and don’t want to have to expose yourself unnecessarily to large crowds, delivery is definitely the way to go.

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