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Things You Need To Know When Going Through A Divorce

A divorce isn’t something that people imagine themselves going through, but roughly 45% of all married couples experience this long, painful process. Dissolving a marriage isn’t easy. It takes a psychological and emotional toll on both individuals involved. Sometimes, however, it is the lesser of two evils.

Ending a bad relationship is ultimately healthy for any individual, despite how difficult it can be. If you are considering a divorce or in the middle of one, then are a few things you need to know that could make a world of difference.

Don’t Do It Alone

Opting to represent yourself in a divorce, even a peaceful one, can lead to devastating consequences. A do-it-yourself divorce usually leads to irreversible mistakes that could cost you assets, leave you with debt, and make it near impossible to see your children in a worst-case scenario.

Even if the feeling is mutual, it helps to talk with a lawyer, especially when children are involved. Speaking with a family court attorney in San Rafael, or wherever you are located, is highly advisable. Hiring an attorney doesn’t mean you’re entering a legal battle, it just ensures that both parties are treated fairly.

Know Your Options

There are alternatives to divorce that may be a better option based on your situation. Mediation is an excellent choice if you’re looking to avoid court costs and want to keep things peaceful. Collaborative divorce may be the best route if this is a mutual agreement but negotiations need to be made.


Litigation is also an option for avoiding a long, drawn-out court battle. Most marriages dissolve in a litigation process, settling everything through their attorneys instead of a judge. This option is best if only one of you decided that divorce was necessary.

Be Patient

A divorce can take a long time based on the circumstances surrounding a couple. In fact, the average separation takes nearly a year to complete. If there are financial, custody, or other conflicts between you and your ex, then it could take multiple years to settle everything in court when mediation fails.

Don’t rush to finalize things, though. It is important to make sure you’re being treated fairly during this process, which might involve more than one type of lawyer. If you suffered and injury at work, for instance, you might need the help of a disability lawyer in Santa Clara to make sure your ex isn’t receiving money from your compensation.


Allow the process to happen naturally, giving it as much time as it needs. You’ll be happier in the long run once your representation has fought for your rights, leaving you in a secure place financially after the divorce is settled.

Dissolving a marriage is never an easy process, but following these tips can make it easier on yourself and your children. Try to remain positive and keep your eyes on the finish line. With proper representation and litigation, this tumultuous time will be over before you know it.

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