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Tips For Getting the First Pet – Make Your Family Ready For the New Member

Last updated on January 26, 2019

Are you planning to get your first pet? Then there are a lot of things you need to take care of. That includes every small detail about the animal you are planning to take home. Below mentioned are some of the best tips that can help you to prepare your family for the first pet.

Get a pet only after everyone is ready for it

Before you get your first pet, it is essential that the members in your home are ready for the new member. This is essential because the new pet must feel friendly at home. When other members are not prepared for welcoming the pet, it can be problematic as they may not accept the pet yet and it can instill fear and insecurity within the pet. If the pet feels unaccepted, you have no idea of what kind of behavior you should expect of them. Also, it depends on the temperament as some may be too timid while others can be too aggressive.

Know all about the pet you are choosing

You must know all about the pet you are bringing home before you actually go to fetch them. That includes everything from knowing their characteristics, their potential threats, health risks, what they love and what they dislike. This is one of the prime components that can help you to keep your first pet well adjusted. You don’t need to be a professional pet trainer for this. You can just Google the facts about the breed or just ask a friend of yours who have already dealt with the type of pet you are choosing. If you cannot find enough help, you can consider some professional to know more or just ask the previous owner or the seller from whom you are taking your first vet.

Contact a good vet

Your first pet is more like a baby to your family. Also, being your first time means that you are not really experienced in the job. It is necessary to contact a vet to know more about the pet and also to check if he is carrying any disease or not. To make a pet home-friendly, it is also necessary to vaccinate him so that he may not cause any trouble to the other members of the home in case they are too aggressive and cannot control their impulses. This can also help to reduce the chances of potential disease that generally affects the breed.

Right supplies

Not all supplies work for all pets. It is necessary to choose the right pet supplies for your pet. If you are not sure of what the right supplies are, make sure you ask them from the previous owner or from your vet. You can also consult with a friend of yours who has some experience in dealing with the pet you are getting. First hand experiences can be the best way to help you reduce the risks involved and thus help you come up with the best supplies starting from food, treats, common medicines, shampoos and many more such items.


Training is one of the most important criteria for keeping a pet. You must choose how you are going to train them. While it is possible for the owner to train their pets, many often choose for professional help as it is obviously a better and faster option. You need to train your pet for a lot of things starting from toilet training to being friendly around visitors. Again, not all pets have the same temperament and all deal with different situations in different way. That can make it difficult for a first timer to choose the right training principles. Thus choosing professional help is obviously the better option to look at as it can save your time as well as your efforts.

Be responsible

Your pet cannot take its own responsibility. It is your duty to look into the things that are necessary for his smooth living in your family. But before you can take his responsibilities, you must learn to take your own responsibilities. If you cannot be responsible for all your things, how can you expect to take the responsibilities for the little being you are taking home? If you are planning to gift the pet to your kids, it is going to be an added responsibility to look after along with your kids. You cannot obviously expect your kids to be able to look after them. Or you can gradually prepare your kids to look after the responsibilities of your pet while you take care of their responsibility.


Many pets require registration. At least, a registration is necessary for most dog breeds, be it a pedigree breed or a cross breed. When you get the pet registered, you get a license that entitles you as the rightful owner of the pet. It can also help to find your pet in case he or she is lost out in the open world and some other individual may be claiming to be the owner of the pet. When you are registered, even the municipal corporation cannot be careless around your pet.


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