Top Data Science Certifications For Data Scientists

Big data is becoming the life of business & for most of the organizations nowadays. Although the essential skills that data scientists need to have, depends on the field, but there is some data science certification that will help you to gain prominence & differentiate yourself from the crowd.

The modern data scientist has to wear many hats which include a deep understanding of math & statistic modeling along with experiment design which is very important. Having the right soft skills & sufficient domain knowledge is a pre-requisite. They must have a passion for business, a problem-solving nature & curiosity. The data scientist should be skilled at communicating & illustrating the ideas successfully to the senior management. He or she must also possess the deep knowledge in latest IT & programming trends which is incredibly important because in this industry things change so fast so it’s always important to stay ahead of what’s happening.

Top Certifications Worth Considering

If you’re looking for a way to get an edge over others, getting big data certification could be a great option. A big data certification measures your deep expertise & knowledge thus making it easy to prove to the employers that you have the right skillset.

Big Data Engineering Certifications

DASCA offers two major international certifications such as Associate Big Data Engineer & Senior Big Data Engineer designed for software engineers & programmers who dream big to grow in the field of big data.

The Associate Big Data Engineer program is designed for engineering students who aspire to start their career in the big data industry & the Senior Big Data Engineer is for experienced engineers who wants to make a move into the big data industry. For both these credentials, applicants have to clear the 100-minutes DASCA online test which is held in 7000+ test centers across 170+ countries.

Big Data Analytics Certifications

DASCA provides Big Data Analytics Certifications for market researchers, business graduates & aspiring marketers who want to gain momentum in the highly successful Big Data Analytics profession.

The Associate Big Data Analyst credential is for graduating students with majors including business, economics, management, and statistics or aspiring to get into Big Data space. The Senior Big Data Analyst is designed for professionals who are experienced in analytics, marketing or research & interested in growing faster in their careers. For both these credentials, applicants have to clear the 100-minutes DASCA online test.

Big Data Scientist Certifications

DASCA offers two reputable international certifications for Big Data scientists. The certifications are perfect for senior professionals who are already working in Big Data space as analysts.

The Senior Data Scientist course is for senior Big Data Analysts & Engineers who wants to get into Big Data Scientist role. The Principal Data Scientist is designed for experienced professionals who want a more advanced role in their career. For both these data science certification, applicants have to clear the 100-minutes DASCA online test.

Attaining the right data science certification can leverage your career significantly. Invest your time & effort in finding the right data science certification & expand your resume now.

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