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Traveling Amid COVID-19: 5 Things You Should Know

You’ve had to adjust many things due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new way of life has transformed throughout this year, and you’ve likely adapted to every step. So, when it comes to wanting to travel again, you might not know where to begin. However, traveling amid COVID-19 doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may feel. Keep reading to explore five important things to consider before your travels to stay safe and aware.

  1. Research beforehand.

For your first step, it’s in your best interest to research where you plan on heading for your trip. If you or your loved ones are considered the high-risk group you should avoid locations that have wide community spread. You can check out this map by the CDC which outlines the travel risks for various states and countries. Another consideration is if your desired location is open to travel. For example, if you plan on going out of the country you must comply with any travel restrictions and testing protocols put out by the desired location.

  1. Wear your mask.

One of the most important things you need to pack for your travels is a mask. Masks are a powerful prevention tool for you and others around you, especially in social situations. Since you’ll have to engage in social interaction, stand in line in front of others, or grab your suitcase at the airport near new people you need to wear a mask as protection. Face masks are arguably the best way to prevent further spread of COVID-19 is to wear a mask even if you don’t have symptoms because you can be a carrier. This way, everyday life as you know it can return to normal more efficiently while minimizing casualties and illness.

  1. Dress comfortably.

When many other things feel out of control, remember there are other ways to feel comfortable during your travels. One of these ways is to pack clothing that is made for traveling. The best travel clothes are both stylish and comfortable. It’s worth checking out this comfy travel shirt that’s lightweight and able to be layered. These clothes are a traveler’s best friend, especially on a long haul flight. You can wear this shirt underneath a jacket, cardigan, or another sweater so you can maximize your style and go beyond what you can pack in a suitcase. It’s also a great idea to pack a variety of clothing for your travels especially if you’ll be gone for a long period when the weather can fluctuate frequently.

  1. Practice good hygiene.

When you’re traveling amidst a pandemic, it might seem trivial to remind you to practice good hygiene. However, good hygiene is an effective treatment to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Small steps like washing your hands, avoiding touching your face, and following social distancing measures when meeting new friends are an effective way of traveling safely. These safety behaviors make a positive impact on your life and health during this time, but they also help to stop the spread of other germs to other people as well.

  1. Find ways to ease your worries.

If you’re itching to travel, but you can’t because of your anxiety, just know that you’re not alone. Even daily life can feel challenging and unexpected during a pandemic. So, it’s not exactly surprising if you’re social anxiety is at an all-time high as you want to travel. However, avoidance isn’t the answer to feeling better either. If you’re ready to travel and learn how to overcome social anxiety there’s hope for a different way of life. You can get the help of a therapist to talk through some of your symptoms of anxiety. Your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and travel is admirable, and a therapist is a great professional to have to support you during this time of heightened anxiety. This way, you can travel safely and effectively that improves your everyday life, and allows you to feel empowered.

All in all, traveling among COVID-19 is exciting and scary in different ways. However, by staying informed, following mask and safety guidelines, dressing comfortably, and utilizing professional help, you can focus on enjoying your travels.

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