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What Everyone Should Know About the Latest Desktop Computers

Technology has been upgrading itself at a consistent pace. Especially in the case of the latest desktop and PCs, every new hour brings along an absolutely new update. However, no matter how tech savvy we are, often we find ourselves unable to catch up with the fast ever-changing pace. While looking for a new desktop we may end up overlooking a lot of important factors that would have made our overall desktop experience a lot more convenient and exciting. Worry not, we are here to help you consider the important factors about the latest desktop computers for the ultimate desktop experience!

  • Where Are You Putting Your Money? One of the most alluring features of a desktop is the value it delivers. With PCs, you are guaranteed to get better deals in your budget than other options like laptops. With $700, you will get a laptop with a competent core i5 processor, whereas with the same budget you can get a more powerful Core i7 CPU, and squeeze in a dedicated graphics card as well! With $300, you can get complete PCs for light work and display-signage tasks, and from $500 starts the variety of high-end gaming desktops with a dedicated graphics card. Have a look at the vast PC range at sites like Allied Gaming to get the best deals! 
  • Know Your Operating System. We all are aware of the age-old Mac vs. PC debate. The last update of Microsoft’s operating system is Windows 10. Most people rely on desktops that use either this OS or the earlier versions of it, so you are assured to get the best compatibility as well as the widest range of third-party software. They are affordable, easily available within $500 and you will definitely get the best of your deal. Whereas Macs are a better option if you are in an Apple-centric household because of their seamless compatibility with iPads and iPhones especially with the advantage of being able to get all of your devices connected to your iCloud, they are a much more expensive option. The cost of entry may be higher than an entire low budget PC setup. 
  • How Much Processing Power Do You Need? If you are looking for a system to perform complex work like PC gaming, content creation work, or complex math or scientific projects, then a desktop is the ideal option for you. A desktop CPU can have faster processors with as many as eighteen cores which will benefit software written to take advantage of the extra cores. A great benefit of a desktop CPU is the greater room to incorporate a key feature, multithreading. Instead of being able to address only one processing thread at a time, it allows each of the CPU’s cores to process two of them together spontaneously. When equipped with suitable software, it helps to deliver a major performance boost. If you are looking for using a true desktop grade CPU with a typical tower, an Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5, or the Core i7 and Ryzen 7 should be able to suffice your needs, as these provide high CPU power for your intensive gaming or multitasking needs.
  • What About Your Graphics Card? Most laptops and a variety of cheaper desktops do not have a good graphics processor (GPU), instead, their display comes from a portion of the CPU, called the Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP). Although fine for basic tasks like browsing the web or answering emails, it cannot run intensive programs like high-quality games or video editing, or rendering architectural simulations. For these functions, you need a graphics card with a GPU. For choosing one, you need to consider the capability of your monitor first. A monitor with 4K graphics or a high refresh rate of 144Hz or more will need a highly powerful GPU, or even 2 GPUs occasionally. Whereas if your monitor is at 1080p and your needs not very high, you will be satisfied with a mainstream card like the ones in Nvidia’s GeForce RTX series or AMD’s Radeon RX series.
  • How Much Storage Space Does Your Desktop Need? While most CPUs And GPUs rely on desktop towers, with the advent of higher capacity memory cards and solid-state drives (SSDs) the latest desktops are able of handling copious amounts of storage and capacity. Most boot drives offer about 250GB storage space, but you should not rely solely upon local storage. If you have a large media or a huge collection of games or high-end software, you must consider choosing a fast SSD as the boot drive. You may combine an SSD of 512GB along with one or more hard drives of at least 1TB each for the bulk storage of capacity sapping videos or games.

Now that you are aware of almost all the specifications you need to keep in mind while looking for a new desktop, you are almost ready to go! However do not forget to visit sites like Allied Gaming and others to get the very best deals of the best quality desktop computer range at the most affordable options, handpicked only for you! Visit our website now.

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