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What is Spotify Mod APK (Premium Version)

Last updated on December 14, 2019

Spotify Mod Apk provides users with unlimited access to the world of music and streaming of podcasts of various genres. Spotify is an apt application where one can find music tracks that suit every mood. In Spotify platform music, videos, and podcasts are generally DRM protected.

In the premium service, basic features of the app such as common music videos, podcasts are provided free of cost whereas access to the latest tracks and services are provided in paid subscription format. You can listen to more than 50 million music tracks that are available on the Spotify platform.

Spotify mod apk not only provides access to the latest music tracks and interesting podcasts but also to a wide variety of audiobooks, poetry, and soundtracks. If you like listening to songs, then Spotify is the best app you can use. But using a free version of the app provides access to a very mere set of services and is sometimes frustrating too. So by using the Spotify MOD APK one can have access to all the premium services provided by Spotify without any advertisements as well as free of cost i.e. without any paid subscription.

Spotify mod apk can be downloaded from the internet and then used directly in the mobile app. The downloadable version of APK is already provided by many websites over the internet.

The features and services which you can avail using Spotify mod APK are as follows:

  • APK allows the user to download their favorite songs, podcasts from Spotify app free of cost. There is no limit on downloading songs. By downloading you can save the songs and listen to them later.
  • If you wish to listen to a song again and again then, unfortunately, the version of the app downloaded from the Play store will not allow this functionality but the APK version allows users to listen to songs on the loop and also to listen to music on demand.
  • Root setup activities are not required with the use of APK. It can be used on any available Android device and also works fine with the non-rooted devices.
  • During any online service, in terms of music or video, the most annoying thing is ads, but with Spotify mod APK you can apply a break on frustrating ads and get uninterrupted delivery of music.
  • Sometimes it is found that when Internet speed is low or when Internet facility is not available such apps and services do not work but using this APK you can download our favorite tracks and listen to them in offline mode even in the absence of internet.
  • There can be a situation where the user doesn’t like certain songs and wishes to skip them. In the free version, such skips are limited but with the use of APK, you can perform an unlimited number of such song skips.
  • One major advantage of Spotify as a music streaming app is it plays the track directly from its servers without downloading any file on user device thus saving device storage on users’ mobile.
  • In certain countries, Spotify has restricted its services, but with the help of the APK, one can listen to their favorite music in any country.
  • Spotify mod APK version has a quick search option that enables its users to search for any song track in no time. Further, you can set songs on-demand features and continue to listen to songs even during calls.

Many people talk regarding ethical issues such as piracy and cheating with the application and it was heard from the people who could not afford to pay for the high-cost premium services of the Spotify app. By using this APK such services became more accessible to people around.

Just after the introduction of Spotify MOD APK, it became a widespread question which was about the safety issues related to its usage and distribution. Spotify mod APK is ensured to be a safe and authentic app that provides premium features of the Spotify app for free without causing harm to their users in any possible way. Spotify is indeed one of the most powerful music streaming apps and is also widely used across the globe.

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