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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Las Vegas

Moving to any new location has its ups and downs, but among the more unique moves you will make in your life is moving to Las Vegas, NV. This city is one of a kind and therefore, there are certain things a newcomer might want to know before diving head first into Sin City for a permanent move. Here are just a few things to consider before moving to Las Vegas.

You Will Have More Friends

Destination spots like Las Vegas have endless tourists streaming throughout them. The city can be very expensive to visit. Air fares, rental cars, hotels, and virtually everything is more expensive in a city like Las Vegas, so when some of your acquaintances hear you are moving to the city, they will likely begin planning how and when they are coming to visit. This can be a bonus as more people will come see you, but do not be taken advantage of by people just looking for a cheap Vegas getaway.

Car Maintenance is Different

The extremely dry heat and air of the desert is something to get used to. No matter what part of the country or world you are moving from, unless you have previously lived in a desert environment the effects on your vehicle will be something new. For example, car batteries wear out faster in Las Vegas due to the heat and rubber parts on vehicles can also wear out faster due to the extreme dry temperatures. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but you will want to keep all receipts on batteries and take full advantage of any warranty the battery comes with. Also, a little lubricant oil on rubber fixtures in your car goes a long way, especially those in and around doors and windows.

Gardening Can Be Challenging

In an arid, dry climate like Las Vegas, you can bet there are certain things you will have to adapt to. If you are an avid gardener, you will not be able to plant in the exact way you once did. The bedrock in Vegas is substantially hard and the lack of rainwater makes gardening a challenge. It is still possible to garden in Las Vegas. The key is to invest in planting sustainable plants that work well in dry conditions. Those that do want to have a garden often plant raised gardens and bring in purchased soil to counter react what the natural earth neglects to provide, a soft place to plant and allow plants to grow.

Say Goodbye to Basements

In other parts of the country, a basement can serve as a safe place during incoming storms, but most often allows for extra storage of seasonal items and keepsakes. However, Las Vegas is not the place where basements will be found in every home. Due to the extremely hard bedrock, construction companies can charge an unbelievable amount for digging a basement for a home.

Most homeowners skip basements altogether. Another downside to having a basement in a home in Las Vegas is the mere fact that the ground in the desert does not absorb water as with other areas of the world. Flooding can be a problem and if your yard floods, it will drain directly down into your basement and no one wants that. Most residents opt for self storage units to alleviate any storage concerns they have in their homes.

The Outdoors will Call to You

When people think of Vegas and going outdoors, often, all they can think of is the intense heat. Yes, it can get remarkably hot during the summer months, but areas like Lake Mead, Mount Charleston, and Black Mountain allow you to escape the extreme heat and enjoy some outdoor activities. Water skiing, hiking, and camping are some of the best outdoor activities to be found in Vegas, and many of these activities are available 3 seasons out of the year due to the weather.

Be Prepared to Crave Water

If you are not an avid water drinker before moving to Las Vegas, you will be once you arrive. The air surrounding you is noticeably dryer than most areas of the country and your body will crave water more than anything else. You will certainly want to have plenty of bottled water on hand and practically everywhere sells it while strolling along the Vegas strip.

Moving to Las Vegas is exciting and the thought of being in such a large and electric city is exhilarating, but remember, just like anywhere else, there are things to remember. Vegas is one of the most unique destinations in the world and people from all over the world make the journey here. If you want to move to Las Vegas, you will have to learn to adapt and go with the flow of the city.

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