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Who do you call when you want research done right?

While it may seem strange to ask this type of a question, it is a very normal question to ask especially if you work in the legal field. This is because lawyers must do diligence, which is essentially research before deciding to take on a case because they must understand all sides and aspects of the case, and they must know if enough research can be done on the case to adequately defend it in court! This is true with investors. If you are an investor, you should turn to Janik Vinnkota LLP because they are the experts in terms of investor IP diligence. The reasons why are explained in further detail below.

Why do investors need to hire lawyers to do due diligence for them anyway?

This is a very good question for you to ask, especially if you are an investor.  The reason is because while investors are experts in the industries and companies that they invest money in, they may be totally clueless in terms of the legal and business aspects, implications, and consequences of investing in companies in certain industries. This is because of the fact that ‘eighty percent of startups fail within the first five years of operation.’ Investors must know which companies are a good investment risk and will give the highest ROI within five to seven years because of the superior performance of their new products or services in their respective markets. Furthermore, they need to know which companies are the safest to invest in legally – investors can actually be sued if they invest in a company, give its owners crucial advice regarding the best way to run the business, and witness its eventual failure after a few years.

Why Janik Vinnakota LLP?

If you are an investor, Janik Vinnakota LLP is the best law firm for you in terms of investor due diligence because of the experience they have in the field. The lawyers at this firm understand that investors are taking huge monetary risks when they invest their (personal) funds in a startup. Since they want a huge return on investment (ROI) in a relatively short period of time, they want and need to know if these businesses have strong business fundamentals (this is usually reflected in their business plans), a viable product or service which has huge and growing market demand, and a strong target market with enough customers who can generate the revenue streams the businesses need to stay profitable – these are just a few factors investors need to know about. Since this is time-consuming, they need to turn to the experts in this regard, and the lawyers at Janik Vinnaokta LLP are exactly these people!

Additionally, these lawyers are experts in terms of analyzing the intellectual property insurance that these startup companies may carry and in identifying any gaps or weaknesses in coverage. This is important because even startups can face stiff competition and lawsuits initially as competitors try to either imitate or protect their products and services.

And then there is this…

If you are still not convinced that Janik Vinnakota LLP is the best firm for you in terms of due diligence for investors, you should know that this law firm has lawyers with specialized knowledge and insights into the operations and long-term future prospects of startups in all industries. This is large because of the many years of experience they have had in the area of investor due diligence. Now that you know this, why don’t you give Janik Vinnakota LLP a call the next time you want to invest in tech or another promising startup?

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