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Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Ignore Negative Reviews Anymore?

Your business won’t thrive unless you focus on keeping a neat image as the negative reviews will turn your prospects sour.

It’s only natural to never want to risk your investment. So, the moment your customers see a negative review, they will grow dicey and ditch the idea of hiring your services or buying your products.

Bad reviews will drive your customers away.

The rule is simple: An authentic good review will help you earn trust and act as a testimony to the quality of your services and your promises to the clients/customers. Before they invest in you, the customers want an assurance that you are indeed a trustworthy business and worth working with.

It’s fairly easy to make big promises but harder to deliver on them. Customers are growing wiser and with technology growing more sophisticated, it’s far more easier for them to run a background check on a business. So, as a business, it’s indeed your responsibility to ensure that none of your existing or previous customers feel ripped off and post scathing remarks on the internet, painting your business in a negative light.

Sometimes, the uncensored and spam reviews may even get so bad that you may need to seek professional assistance through Internet Marketing Services.

But businesses can’t always control the feedback/reviews.

It’s true indeed that you can’t always control the kind of feedback you receive. It’s not possible to be able to please everyone at all times but as a business, you must keep a polite tone when receiving negative reviews.

It’s always wise to apologise and try to resolve the issue by understanding the complaint so you can improve the quality of your own service. Being polite and positive when receiving negative feedback helps you build a sincere and professional image that attracts customer interest. Moreover, it opens opportunities in future as more often than not, customers just want their money refunded or an apology.

Negative reviews and word of mouth are a bad combination. 

Negative reviews and word of mouth are indeed a terrible combination. But you need to focus on damage control and you simply can’t ignore the negative reviews.

If they are fake, be sure that you flag them on your own and get everyone to flag them.

Be Polite and Sincere

If they are from authentic but disgruntled customers, make sure that you politely approach them and offer a solution to alter the negative experience they had. If you sincerely approach your negative reviews or disgruntled buyers, your prospects will surely be influenced and find you more trustworthy.

If you can’t find the time to track conversations and reviews involving your brand, you can hire professional Online marketing services to handle your online reputation.

Under any circumstances, avoid arguing with a client right on a public forum. You can always perform authenticity checks to confirm if the review is just a smear tactic from a competitor or a spam comment in private. Arguing or using a harsh, defensive tone of voice on a public forum with a disgruntled customer will reflect a negative image of your business and drive your prospects away.

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