5 Easy Way to Impress the Foodies in Your Life

By on April 7, 2015
Foodies in Your Life

Impressing a foodie is not too difficult if you keep bringing them delicious dishes. However, for those who find their way around the kitchen too difficult, it can be a tricky situation. The blog tells you a few ways to get in the good books of your foodie friends and family members. Read on.

Are you taking a foodie out on a date? Or organizing a dinner for your friends who love food, wine, and some good conversation? Or just dying to impress your new family members who speak the language of good food?

Well, foodies are not that difficult to impress, given that you don’t keep them hungry for long. But the catch is that you just cannot pass a hastily prepared, under-cooked dish as something exotic that you labored long to make. They will know.

So, what do you do?

Let’s take a look at some tactics that will impress the foodies in your life, without too much trouble on your part.

Good Food: Now, this is a no brainer. But for those who feel like cooking is rocket science, preparing good food is a Herculean task. If you are one of them, online recipe videos are your savior. Choose something that looks good and involves a simple process. If you are not intuitive about the ingredients, just follow the chosen recipe to the letter and you should be fine. If your foodie date knows that you are not inherently a chef, he or she will be floored with the simple and flavorful dish you made just for him or her.

Exotic ingredients: Another good way to impress a foodie is to bring them exotic ingredients. If you are visiting another nation or even a different part of your country, get some authentic, native ingredients that are difficult to find elsewhere and present it to them.

Cook-Books: If your foodie buddy is very serious about cooking and eating, get him or her a rare cookbook. This one may be a little difficult, but will be worth the effort. If not a rare one, then something on their favorite cuisine by a celebrated author will be great. A coffee-table book that traces the history of their favorite dish illustrated with nice pictures will also interest and impress them.

Dinnerware: Ask any foodie and they will say that presentation is as important as preparation. So, the next time you visit your foodie family, get them a set of beautiful dinnerware. It doesn’t always have to be china, these days you can get designer stainless steel dinner sets online that are as good to look at as they are durable. You will find a lot of options online.

Ask for Advice: Well, every foodie loves to talk about food. If you want a subtle and long-winded approach to impress, try asking them about the best food joints in town, tips for cooking a particular dish and so on. In a lesser time than you imagine, they will start reciprocating the interest in you. And this tip works for every interest, not just food.

So, what do you think?

These were just some ideas you can try. But remember, when you are cooking for guests, do all the hard work before they turn up. So that it’s just plating that you have to do in front of them and they can marvel at the apparent ease with which you prepared the delectable delight.
Tell us how you choose to impress the foodies in your life.


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