5 Reasons Floor Waterproofing Is A Must For Restaurants

By on January 31, 2014

The best restaurants offer a unique atmosphere and delicious food. Due to the intense competition that goes on in the food industry, it’s essential that restaurants make sure that they provide the best experience possible for the diners. This is why it’s crucial that restaurants must have waterproofing for their floors.

Much like a home, waterproofing is essential for a restaurant establishment to ensure that the facilities are functional and protected for a long time to come. The dangers of water damage shouldn’t be underestimated, and prevention goes a long way towards stopping future costs. Below are five reasons why it’s essential that a restaurant has floor waterproofing.

One: Ensure leaking doesn’t happen in the future

When a floor isn’t properly and professionally waterproofed, all sorts of unseen damage can happen. This can include broken pipes, which can cause terrible damage when water damage happens all over a restaurant. Besides very noticeable leaks, small leaks can cause long-term corrosion that will rot floors.

Two: Prevention will cut down on unnecessary costs

By properly waterproofing the floors, the upfront costs can help save untold amounts of money that would be spent to fix the damage caused in the future. This is similar to how a person is better off maintaining a healthy lifestyle, rather than paying large amounts of money afterwards to fix the damage an unhealthy lifestyle causes.

By making sure that the floors are properly waterproofed and protected, the owner of the restaurant can focus time and resources on enhancing other parts of the restaurant.

Three: Stop mold from forming

Mold is extremely dangerous and once formed can cause an entire establishment to close down. One of the main problems that the development of mold causes is respiratory problems, and a restaurant definitely doesn’t want the staff or customers to have respiratory issues.

Mold doesn’t form without moisture, and that’s why it’s essential to stop as much moisture from forming as possible with professional floor waterproofing.

Four: Stands up to powerful cleaning chemicals

Powerful cleaning chemicals that are used on a daily basis to keep a restaurant clean can erode the floor over time without the proper insulation.

Floor waterproofing will help keep a floor safe from the strong chemicals that are used to clean floors on a regular basis. Without waterproofing, the floor will slowly erode over time and could even cause accidents if left alone.

Five: Protects damage that could be caused to appliances

Water damage can also affect appliances, which is part of the reason that water damage can be so expensive. It doesn’t just affect the floor, but any appliances that it comes in contact with, and they would eventually need to be replaced or fixed also.

Just like a home, a restaurant must have floor waterproofing to ensure that the facilities stay in good condition for a long time to come. By waterproofing the floors the restaurant will prevent hidden costs that will only grow over time as leaks cause more and more water damage.

It’s important to remember that even if the floors seem fine on the surface, it’s the unseen damage that can cause the most problems by rotting the floor and necessitating expensive repairs.

Tim Thomson is a contractor and blogger currently focused on waterproofing floors for Dex-O-Tex.


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