7 Typical Drinks To Try When You Are In London

By on February 15, 2014

So you have just landed in London and are feeling a little bit parched and could do with a drink or two but have no clue what to order. No worries. Here is a quick guide with a list of 7 typical drinks to try when you are in London. London pubs usually sell soft drinks, wine, beers and ales, spirits, bottled fruit juices, perry and cider. In most cases you will not need to pay for fizzy water as it is usually free if it is the kind that is dispensed from a pump.

1. Beers

A wide range of beers and bitter and pale ales are readily available on the tap. In some pubs you may find only one lager on a tap but that said most lagers are sold bottled. If your dry throat is craving for a cold beer, you would have to order for a bottled beer. Most Brits tend to feel that icy cold beer loses its flavor. If you are not sure about the beer flavors, ask the bartender or staff about what’s on sale. The widely spoken of Irish stout Guinness is also readily available from the tap. You also have the option of ordering other stouts and porters. Stouts and porters are described as specialty type beers that contain high levels of alcohol.

2. Cider

You can always find one brand of cider on the tap. Cider made in Britain is usually made from apples as opposed to sweet ciders which is usually the case in other places. It is more potent than beer with an alcoholic percentage ranging between 4.2 to 5.3. The most popular brands available on tap are Bulmers, Magners and Strongbow.

3. Perry

Perry has a close relation to cider. The only difference is the fact that it is made from the pear fruit. Perry has a connotation of being a ladies drink but over the years it has lost popularity owing to the availability of wines in pubs. That said, you can have a sip of perry if you visit country pubs and more so those that are located in areas that grow fruits.

4. Spirits

Majority of the pubs in London have a wide array of brand name Whiskies, gin, brandy, vodka and rum. You can enjoy your favorite spirit of choice mixed with a mixer of your choice. For your mixer you can choose from tonic , fizzy water, tomato or orange juice. You can also order slices of lemon and ice cubes with your drink if you so wish. A word of caution though, desist from ordering flamboyant cocktails from the bartender otherwise you may end up being a disappointed customer.

5. Wines

Pubs that specialize in wines were once a no-go zone but that has since changed. You can now have your favorite glass of white or red wine in either a 175ml(small) or 250ml(large) glass. Some establishments have even upgraded to offer a wine bar cellar where customers can select from a wide range of superior quality wines.

6. Soft drinks

You always have the option of quenching your thirst with soft drinks. Most pubs have on sale a selection of sodas, juices, lemonade and cola

7. Tea and coffee

You can also have your favorite cup of tea or coffee at most pubs. It’s important to mention here that not all pubs offer this so you would have to ask if they have that as part of their menu.

Much as you are after having a good time, it is important that you carry yourself with etiquette when ordering for any drink in any establishment. Be patient after making your order. If you have to get your drink yourself at the bar, do not flash your money around as this will only result in you being ignored. You need to know that in London when groups of people go out drinking together, they tend to order rounds for everyone at the table. If a drink is ordered for you they will at some point expect you to make an order for the entire table as well. If you know well beforehand you will not be able to buy a round, excuse yourself and pay for your drink when the order is made.

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