Android Software Offers More Flexibility Than Any of Its Competitors

By on June 1, 2019
Android Software

Android devices are the most popularly used despite the huge market for iOS Apple. Due to Apple’s expensive nature and the fact that the company ties people into its product when it comes to affordability and compatibility most people opt to go with Android. Windows Mobile and Blackberry are distant third and fourth places as neither had really made a mark in the smartphone operating (OS) industry.

The great thing about Android is that it uses an open code system so developers are free to design apps at will. The resulting situation has been one that has seen Android users benefit from a number of great applications that cannot be found on any other of the other operating systems.

Admittedly, Android does come with its flaws. Stability of the OS is not exactly consistent across all devices, and some of the apps can suffer the same fait when the device becomes old. Even the benefits of a system reset on older Android devices can be short lived whereas Apple appear to have the longer lasting product.

One of the great things about Android and consumerism is that most of the time we do not have our smartphones long enough to reach a point where system performance gets bogged down. This is usually because new Android updates take up so much space on older devices that the hardware can no longer handle the new versions of Android’s OS.

On the other hand, Apple iPhone users spend so much to buy their new toy that many of them cannot afford to upgrade and get stuck with old iPhone devices. It has to be said that at least those older Apple devices can withstand the test of time with updated iOS systems generally not slowing down the device.

One of things that I love most about Android devices is the applications that come with them. Lately I found the vpn gratis android web page. As an Italian, this really impressed me that I can actually use the VPN that I currently have installed on my Windows PC and download it to my Android. For some reason I was never aware I could do this. Now I can pretty much surf the web and connect to any internet Wi-Fi I choose, log on to my VPN, and I have complete confidence that my connection is totally safe from prying eyes.

Another thing I love about Android devices is that there are just so many apps that I have discovered. Now I quit drinking alcohol about 6 months ago for better or worse! For better as I feel my work performance is 100% better than when I did drink. The application that helped me I suggested to a friend who is an iOS user. Well guess what? He cannot install that app, and we could not find an iOS designed quit drinking app. It just goes to show how easy and worthwhile Android have made it for developers to design apps for android devices.

Still, my number find has to be the migliorvpn android software. You have to try this because it makes your whole web surfing experience feel that little bit more secure. I mean I do not use it when I am at home because I am confident my home Wi-Fi is set up perfectly with the highest level of security possible, but when I am out and about, I can never be sure, hence the Miglior VPN reviews that helped me realise that I can install VPN software on my smartphone.

All I can say is thank you to Android for being such a great and flexible operating system!


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