Best Tips That You Must Follow When Making A Sponge Cake

By on September 1, 2017
Sponge Cake

Making sponge cakes can be a fun and it is really not challenging job to make it. It doesn’t matter how much baking experience you have, even you can also make a delicious sponge cake for your loved ones. But one thing about sponge cake that you must know that they are indeed deceptive looking things. Now you might be wondering to know the reason behind the statement. Well, they taste great and seem simple enough to make but a small mistake in the preparation process can make the end product dry and dense.

Always remember one thing that an ideal sponge cake should be soft, light, fluffy and moist.

Making this cake is not a big challenging job at all. If you follow some simple tips and mix the ingredients well and keep an eye on it during the entire baking process, you will likely to bake a very tasty cake.

Now, this article gives you some of the best baking tips for making sponge cake-

Measure and mix:

Unlike cooking, baking is all about precision.  It is not possible to taste the recipe when it’s already baking on the oven. Make sure you have put the proper quantity of right ingredients. First, you need to measure the ingredients correctly and then mix the ingredients. Make sure all ingredients are mixed with proper proportion. It is a very crucial stage because it will make your cake fluffy and soft.

It is always important to mix the cake quickly. Do not over mix it or leave the mixture unused for a longer span of time. You can easily avoid doing such mistake by measuring the ingredients before mixing the cake.

Greasing the tins :

As already mentioned before, you should not allow the mixture to sit for a long period of time. Remember one thing that the more time mixture sits, the denser the cake will be. If you have the cake tins ready, it’s time to use it. You can easily pour the mixture in the tin and place the cake on the oven.  Before you start mixing, you need to grease the tin and line the bottom and use parchment pepper when you are greasing. Once the greasing process is done, set it aside.

Bake it properly:

It is really important to preheat the oven. You need to start baking the mixture as soon as possible. Setting up the oven temperature is really crucial and make sure it neither too cold nor too hot.

The temperature of the ingredients:

You must consider the temperature of the ingredients when mixing. Ingredients like butter or margarine should be slightly warm so that it can mix well. Rest of the ingredients need to be kept at room temperature.

The Proper way of using eggs and flour:

Whenever it is possible, you should use cake flour because it more finely ground. Before shifting the four directly into the mixing bowl, it would be good if you mix baking soda into the flour as it incorporates more air into the mixture.

When it comes to adding eggs, you need to use fresh eggs as the eggs white of fresh eggs always likely to whip well and at the same time, it contains a lot of air inside. Keep mixing the sugar and eggs thoroughly until the mixture is completely white. This would definitely give you the best possible end result.

If do not have the time to make a delicious sponge cake by yourself but want to surprise your loved one with a highly delicious sponge cake, you can easily send cake online and Bakingo – a famous online cake shop allows you to do it.


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