College football player’s diet: This is what professionals do

By on November 19, 2018
College football player’s diet:

You have already played hundreds of games, spent most of the valuable time to gain appropriate weight to play. Even you improved your run in various dashes but if you’re not getting proper nutrition then you will struggle on the ground. To get good results from the practice sessions as well as actual games you have to fuel your body with perfect nutrient-dense.

As a professional NCAAF player you already familiar with the importance of the dieting plan. Whether you are playing as a quarterback or a lineman you have to recover quickly and increase your endurance. Moreover, the top fit players in football get noticed by the betters in Wager Bop’s NCAAF Betting. According to their performances and fitness they paid higher.

Get your breakfast like a king

Make your breakfast giant and try to add more protein, carbs and fat in your breakfast. These fats or proteins help you to boost your energy which will give a good day start. After getting your big breakfast try to add a gap between your eating and playing for two hours. Quickplay after having a big diet may create problems which affect your performance. So when the diet is digesting properly then you can ready for your practice. For the perfect protein and fat eat scrambled eggs with peanut butter on toast. A big glass of milk and fresh fruits will help digestion. If you want to add flavor in milk then you can add chocolate flavor or if you do not want to mix it then you can go for high protein powder. Make sure the milk should contain limited fat. Eat 1 slice ham, nuts, fruit, and yogurt.

Lunch diet

For the lunchtime, if you are going for any session or any game then try to take it simple way. Too much heavy food in lunchtime is not a good deal to start a session. But you have to take some carb-dense foods along with a little protein for energy. The famous Peyton Manning mentioned in an interview and described his pre-food routine. He said he loves to make grilled chicken, a baked potato, pasta and broccoli before the match. For the extra carbs, he added sports drinks into his meal. Try for the sandwich on a hoagie roll with five slices of lean meat once post session of your game. You can have a soft and chewy granola bar or a low-fat muffin with 1 slice cheese.

Dinner plan

To get repaired yourself from the heavy hard work in the field you have to manage the combination of carbs and fats. The famous nutritionist Mitzi Dulan gave his advice that your night meals are based on lean proteins. For the perfect night dinner, you can include plenty of vegetables and whole grains, broccoli and asparagus, mixed salad with a baked salmon fillet and a grilled turkey steak with carrots. Include some sweet, white potatoes, whole-wheat pasta for extra carbs. For the drinks, you can relax by taking 12 oz milk or juice and 1C light ice cream.

Every individual has his own digestion system. In addition to this, the players eat their meals also according to their positions in the games and training. It is very crucial what kind of diet you are taking to gain or lose weight for matches. To drop a few pounds you can decrease the amount of starchy carb and fat-related eatables. On the other hand, if you want to gain some mass and bulk up then you have to go for calorie-dense snacks. As you know all of your weight depends on your calories.


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