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The Tatkal scheme of booking the tickets was a breather for a lot of people who decide to travel the last minute or they are forced to travel owing to any inevitable situations. Indian Railways were very fast in realizing the predicament of the last minute travelers and introduced a fresh way to get the tickets booked which is known as Tatkal Scheme.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Process is not very difficult at all. The tickets can be reserved two days prior to the departure date which leaves out the day you are traveling. These tickets can be reserved for particular trains prior to train chart preparation. The e-ticket bookings of Tatkal tickets will open at 8 AM in the morning, which is 2 days before your scheduled departure. All the travelers need to do is verify the availability of Tatkal quota before getting the booking done. It is wise to book the tatkal tickets from the authentic railway counters or the dependable travel agents as throughout the peak hours the railway website is working very slowly.

You have to pay an extra amount for the Tatkal bookings which are not there during the normal railway tickets but during the time of emergency you do not mind paying an extra amount.  Tatkal system literally means immediate or instant.

This system enables you to get the reservation done just two days prior to the travel and you will to pay a little extra for the Tatkal tickets. The people feel that they no longer have to rely on railway ballyhoo or troublesome travel agents to get the last minute railway tickets. The extra money that is charged largely depends on the class and distance you are traveling.

Once the ticket reservation is done under the tatkal scheme, no cancellation is permitted and no money is refunded and the additional significant thing is that you cannot transfer the ticket to any other name. The reason behind this is that you have used this service and this particular ticket cannot be used by any other person.

You can though get a 25% money back on your reserved ticket charges but your Tatkal premium cannot be will not be paid back. This is done at least 24 hours before the departure of the train. Another condition you can get a repayment of your ticket is, if by any chance the train does not leave at the fixed time or is at least 3 hours late at the starting station and the passenger refuses to travel because of some reasons.
Tatkal scheme of booking the tickets is equivalent for all the passengers. There are no special concessions for the children below the age of 12 and the senior citizens which are there when the normal railway ticketing is there.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Process is ultimate and perhaps the best for the passengers who have to travel because of some last minute emergency and they cannot avoid it.


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