Rice and its different aspects

By on February 11, 2017
basmati rice

Agriculture is being practiced by human beings for a very long time and rice has been the most produced food crops across the globe. Large sections of the people have been consuming rice and this number is only increasing with time. In order to meet the growing demands of the increasing population and more specially the rice eating people, there has been made several improvements in the use of agricultural technology. High yielding seeds are being developed which in turn has been revolutionizing the way rice is being produced. Today, one of the most demanded rice variety is the basmati type. This is because of its rich flavour, aroma, and taste. The majority of rice production comes from Asian countries like India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

basmati rice


It is in the rice fields that rice is produced. The soil required for its better yield is of alluvial type that has rich natural nutrients. Rice plants do require humid, hot climate with few centimetre water disposition at its base for growing properly. A large variety of rice is produced in different parts of the globe. However, it is the basmati rice that enjoys top priority. It is indeed a highly flavoured, well cultivated, delicious variety that is generally produced in India. Most of the production is exported by the producers to foreign countries once the grains are properly processed at the mills.

Wonderful delicacies

Several delicacies are prepared with rice across the globe. Such delicacies do differ with regards to usage of ingredients, flavour and taste. However, the basic ingredient in almost all the interesting delicacies is basmati type of rice. It does serve as the global staple food and is a hot favourite among Indians. When grinded and mixed with water along with other edible liquids, it becomes a paste and is used in different cuisines. These days, Europeans also have been noticed to keep rice in their regular diet.

Some controversies

There have emerged some controversies with regards to the processing and production of rice. Using of pesticides excessively in the fields is one of the major issues. The pesticides are generally used to protect plants from getting destroyed by pests and insects. But, excessive usage is likely to leave residues in the plant that can prove to be hazardous for human beings. Although stringent regulations are put into place for controlling usage of pesticides, serious health problems are unavoidable.

It is the unorganized farmers who are producing mainly rice in rural regions. There have emerged several companies which have been supporting and helping farmers to produce organic Indian basmati rice, provide them with all the necessary supplies and the like, so that healthy, good quality rice can be produced in bulk quantities. Then the rice is collected and processed in mills and sold to consumers.

Buying rice from such reputed companies is indeed worth the investment since they will be able to meet the varied demands of the consumers and offer only top quality basmati produce.

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