Top 5 Classic Dishes that you have to have During Christmas

By on November 27, 2017
Classic Dishes that you have to have During Christmas

Like every other religious festival Christmas too comes with its own set of classic dishes that are to be enjoyed at this time of the year. Food is an essential part of the celebration of this festival and hence if you are planning on celebrating Christmas properly this year, then you have to have the traditional dishes associated with this festival as well.

If you are wondering what the dishes are that you have to have during Christmas, then here are the top 5 traditional Baked and generally grilled, the fish masala is best cooked with a bekti fish. This dish is best enjoyed with some plain cooked rice or simply on its own. If you want you can serve this dish with the garnishing of lemon and parsley leaves for improved taste. This dish is perfect for ones that you cannot afford to give a miss:

  1. Chicken roast: Well you cannot actually imagine a proper Christmas dinner without a nice and juicy chicken roast on the dinner table, can you? A chicken roast is a must for every Christmas dinner. You can club this dish with another vegetable baked item like a quiche or a simple cheese bake. Do not forget to serve the roast with some boiled vegetables and of course a nice helping of creamy mashed potatoes!
  2. Fish masala: If you want to try out another dish instead of a meat dish, then you can always go for the fish masala. This too is a dish that is perfect to be enjoyed with a classic Christmas meal. a light but delicious Christmas lunch.
  3. Steak: Beef steak or a chicken or pork steak- any kind of steak will do, but it is a must that you have steak during Christmas time. You can choose any meat of your choice for the steak and make it nice and juicy. This goes well with vegetables and a little bit of mashed potato on the side. Make sure that you have peas if you are having mashed potatoes, for a fine taste. If you want to pair up the steak menu with a drink, then definitely opt for red wine! This is perfect for a dinner menu.
  4. Christmas pudding: Well, Christmas is a time for different kinds of desserts and if you want to go for the classic one, then Christmas pudding is the one you should make. Rich and bursting with flavours, this will surely entail the perfect end to a wholesome Christmas dinner.
  5. Minced meat pie: Time for some meat again, but this time in a pie! Yes, pies are indeed an integral part of Christmas food and hence you will have to make sure that you have minced meat pies for Christmas. These are quite easy to prepare and are extremely filling which makes it a rather heavy dish.

So now that you have an idea about the various dishes that are typically and traditionally associated with Christmas, do try out the ones that you like the most this Christmas!

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