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2 Wheel Drive vs 4 Wheel Drive: Which Is Better?

The place you live in, terrain and the use define the car you need to purchase. Depending on the daily activities you should decide whether a 2-wheel drive will be a perfect fit for your needs or you can go with a four-wheel drive. Two-wheel drive is powered by two wheels. While 4-wheels are powered by four wheels of the car.

If you live in a wet area and is looking for grip on the road four-wheel is the best go-to option for sure. They tend to perform better on wet roads. In two-wheel drive, the engine has to send power to run the two wheels. It is the reason that two wheels systems weigh significantly less than the four-wheel system. Two-wheelers are also fuel-efficient and would play the best part in the day to day use. Get car insurance for your car now and have a safe driving experience.  

Pros and Cons of Two Wheel Drive

Two-wheel drive configuration come in either front-wheel or the rear wheel. It means the power from the engine will be sent to command the front two wheels or the rear wheels of the car. With all being said, there are some pros and cons associated with driving a two-wheel drive car.


  • The cars are cheaper than the 4-wheel drives
  • The cars use less power to run the engine and thus are fuel-efficient
  • The vehicle is lighter because of less powerful engine need and thus are more active


  • The vehicle gives you less power than the 4-wheel drive
  • The two-wheel-drive are not suitable or all terrains. One must make the decision depending on the area they live in.

Two-wheeler drives generally come with the front wheel configuration. Front-wheel drive cost less and take less space.

Four-wheel Drive

In four-wheel drive, the engine sends power to all the wheels. It is seen in the pickup trucks. SUVs these days are also adding this feature for more power. It gives optimal traction and control on rough terrains and makes the driving experience smooth. Four-wheel drives are set up to operate in three modes.

Full-Time: All the wheels are engaged at all times.

Part-Time: The driver can switch between the two- and four-wheel drive depending on the driving condition

Automatic: The vehicle monitors the road conditional and automatically switches itself from two-wheel to four-wheel mode when needed.

Pros and Cons of the four-wheel-drive system


  • Four-wheel drives are best for off-roading
  • Four-wheel allows you to switch to two wheels, which means power with efficiency.


  • The four-wheel-drive system is heavier due to more power.
  • Four-wheel drive is more expensive than two-wheel drive
  • They consume more fuel as the driving system takes up more energy.

Whether two-wheel or four-wheel drive, you must buy car insurance for a safe driving experience on the road. Having an insurance means that your car will be covered, at all times. In case of any mishap, there won’t be any financial instability.

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