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4 Online Applications To Make Working From Home And Online Classes Better

We are at a point in time where everything can be done through the Internet. And with the current climate of coronavirus and social distancing, the safest way to go about your employment, or if you are a student, is to get a work-from-home situation or enroll in online classes. Hopefully, the expected vaccine will make things normal again won’t probably be successfully finished by next year, and as such, it’s wise to keep things in your life going.

In this article, we’ve collated four of the most helpful online applications you can bookmark and save to make working from home as well as online classes more seamless and bearable. These online tools have a range of uses – from editing portable document format files to word processing and presentation; you can never go wrong with them:

A site that edits PDF quickly and seamlessly

A portable document format or PDF is a standard file format for most documents and files that are shared over the Internet. It’s one of the few file formats that won’t change formatting even when opened in various different PDF editors. Telecommuters usually work with PDFs more than students, but with online classes, files for references usually shared over class carry the PDF file extension.

Most PDF edits can be done through a separate, standalone software that may or may not be pre-loaded on your work computer. But if in the off chance that you don’t have this software, going online and searching for browser-based PDF editing applications actually yields results that will probably make you switch from editing with dedicated software to online editing.

Sites like PDF Bear have a suite of applications that convert Office-based files like PPT to PDF, Word to PDF, etc. Plus, you can also do splitting, encryption, and other quick edits in it as well.

An online suite of Office-like apps

Speaking of Office-based file formats, more and more Windows laptops nowadays don’t come pre-installed with MS Office, and for students and employees worldwide, this may prove to be a hindrance in making documents, files, papers, and presentations. Fret not, though, as the power of the Internet literally will save you from this incoming disaster.

If you have a Gmail account, which most if not all people have, you basically have a bevy of browser-based Office-like apps you can access and work from. It’s totally free, and you can even add other features to it to make it work for you! You can share the documents more quickly as well!

An online grammar checking tool

Who doesn’t need an English grammar autocorrect tool? If you are working from home, it’s going to be inevitable for you to send emails, as well as presentations, documents, and whatnot. It pays to have your composition, verb tenses, as well as voice, be concise and individual, so bookmarking an online grammar checking tool makes sense! There are numerous options here, but the top pick is Grammarly.

A Pomodoro Technique timer site

Concentrating on a certain task, or on studying, can be a drag sometimes. With the proliferation of social media and the convenience of communicating with friends and families worldwide, distractions abound and kill productivity. That’s why you need to make it a point to focus on work! But how?

To help you with that dilemma, a timer site that lets you use the Pomodoro technique can be very helpful. Most workers have been introduced to it, but students aren’t, which is ironic, because the founder of the technique actually used it as a studying method! With a site that times you twenty-five minutes to focus on work, you’ll be the most productive you can be!


If you don’t have these sites bookmarked yet, better start collecting them now! Make sure to have them in a separate folder, so you won’t have to search through thousands of random bookmarks you previously have saved!

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