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6 Awesome Dishes for a Christmas Party

Last updated on December 19, 2017

Christmas is just a few days away and everyone is almost ready with their weekend Christmas party.

Are you ready with your own? If not, then go for it right now. Make all the decoration plans final and finalise the lists of your guests. According to the number of guests, you also have to decide on the food. If you are thinking of cooking for your guests on your own, then you can look for best traditional Christmas food ideas. Or else, you can make a menu on your own.  Here are some easy items that you can think of adding to your Christmas party menu.

Savoury Herb Whole Grain Cracker

If you have whole wheat flour at home, then there is nothing else needed to make this crispy snack anytime? They are rich in fibre and they are baked (remember not fried) and so they have no oil in it. So it is a delicious snack and a nutritious intake at the same time.

Maacher Chop

This is a quintessential Bengali dish and it is definitely mouth-watering. If you are a non-vegetarian then surely you need to try this. This plays a lovely starter in any occasion. You can make this with Rohu fish as it is readily available in the markets. Fried fish goes very well with Kasundi which is again a Bengali styled mustard sauce.  You can also go for Pudina chutney along with this crunchy fries. All your guests are going to enjoy this dish.

Egg Bonda

This is also known as egg pakoda. This one has plenty of Indian flavours but the style of cooking is western. It is mainly prepared with chaat masala, bread crumbs and gram flour. The bread crumbs are mainly used because it gives the eggs a crunchy effect. On the other hand, the chaat masala brings out a zesty flavour in it. This fried delicacy can go really well with spicy green chutney or tangy tomato sauce.

Three Layered Rice

As the name suggests, this rice preparation has three layers, the first one is with potatoes, the second one with paneer (cottage cheese) and the third one with some tangy tomatoes. Then all of these are topped with some rustic spices and all of them together create a brilliant mixture of flavours.

Roasted Chicken

Anything roasted in winter is a must. Take chicken breasts or legs to prepare this and add some spice as well. If you are doing this at home, you should check whether the chicken pieces are grilled properly or not.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This one is a very simple cake where one has to use only five ingredients and it takes less than half hour to bake this cake. As the name suggests, there is no need of flour to bake this cake. You can also go for special Christmas cakes as this can be a mandatory thing in this occasion.

So, this Christmas, try these amazing recipes at home and surprise your guests. Also arrange some drinks for them.


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