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All You Need To Know About Eye Makeup

Eye makeups bring the entire look together and therefore is very important. Many of you struggle a lot with eye makeup, not knowing which products to use and how to use the products. If you are one of those and want to learn how to perfect your eye makeup, read this through.

One of the most used eyes makeup products is an eyeliner pencil. People feel that using an eyeliner pencil is one of the most difficult parts of applying makeup. But no! It is one of the easiest things once you know the how’s and what’s about the eyeliner pencil. Once you are through with reading this, you will no longer need to worry about messing up your eyeliner and looking like a total drab.

Step by step guide to using an eyeliner pencil – 

  1. Choose the perfect color:

Choosing the color that complements your eyes is the most crucial part of doing your eye makeup. What makes the best eyeliner pencil is how well the color goes with your facial features and skin tone. This is a completely personal preference, and you can choose the color as per your wish. Some points you need to remember while choosing the color:

  • Black eyeliner: Used for creating a dramatic and bold effect
  • Brown eyeliner: Used to achieve a neutral look
  • Colored eyeliner: Used to give an extra oomph to your look and make it more fun. These are generally used when you wish to make a statement with your look.
  1. Prepping your eyelid:

This step is very important as it ensures that you get the best look and that your eyeliner lasts longer. To do this, wash and cleanse your eyelids properly and wipe out the excess oil and apply some eye primer.

  1. Applying the eyeliner pencil:

Eye Makeup

When you are applying your eyeliner, gently pull your eyelid and start with small strokes from the inner corner of your eyes when you are applying on the upper lash line. When you are applying the eyeliner to the lower lash line, always start from the outer corner. This ensures that your eyeliner pencil does not get wet and ruin your eye makeup. Using small strokes ensures that you get a nice and intense look. Finish the look by joining all the small strokes by one smooth line.

These simple steps will help you achieve the perfect eye makeup you have always been longing for. To add extra glam to your look by applying eyeshadow to your beautiful eyes. You can get a huge variety of eyeshadow palette online. Eye shadow adds a lovely depth and dimension to your eyes. Choose colors that complement the color of your eyes. This makes your eyes appear larger and prettier and draws attention to your eyes. If you are one of those who find applying eyeshadow a difficult task, follow the below tips and tricks and become a pro!

What look are you going for?

Deciding on your look is an integral part of makeup. This will help you decide what color choices you can make for your eyelid.

  • Bold look: You should make use of heavy shimmers and deep colors to get a more dramatic look.
  • Easy look: Choose lighter shades of color and make minimal use of shimmer if you want to achieve an easy look.
  • Neutral look: Make use of nude shades to get a neutral look

Apply a base shadow:

Not many people are aware of this step, but it is very crucial in achieving perfect eye makeup. Dab on your favorite base shadow using a brush. If you want a more dramatic look, feel free to bring this base shadow all the way to your brow bone. This will give you a perfect base to get a nice smoky eye. For a simple everyday look, stop applying the base shadow at the crease of your eye.

Know how to use your brush – 

While applying your eyeshadow using a brush, start by making small pats of color on your eyelids. Make dabbing motions to cover and spread the color on the entire eyelid. This basic trick will help you get a good and pigmented layer of eye shadow and will also ensure even application. Blending the color is always suggested as it helps you prevent ending up with muddy colors. When you are blending, go slow and gradually blend in the colors. This will help you stop when you want to without spoiling the look.

These tiny tips and tricks will definitely help you perfect your eye makeup, and you will become a pro in no time!

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