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An All-around Converter: 3 Amazing Facts You Need to Know About PDF Bear Online Tool

Finding a reliable tool for converting is the hardest part, Pal. I’m sure that you’ve encountered many converters before, but these tools failed your expectations. But don’t be discouraged; the hunting phase is the hardest, but once you find the tool that will finally reach your expectations, everything will run smoothly and lightly like you expected it to be.

To help you getaway in the hunting phase, I recommend the most convenient tool we have today, the PDF Bear converter. This tool is an all-around converter; you’re now free to drop all the things that make you stress because this converter is an all-around tool that will help you lighten all the tasks.

Megacloud Limited owns this tool; this is legal and safe, so there’s nothing to be scared of. Aside from the benefit that it is safe and legal, you can acquire many benefits once you go for it. I know you’re excited to get to know this great tool, so Let’s not delay it and proceed to our primary objective.

It’s a Flexible Converter

There are tools out there that are designed for single use only; you’re lucky if you’ll find a flexible tool that will be compatible with all tasks. Gladly, our PDF Bear can do all the tasks when it comes to your papers; if you aim to convert Word to PDF, HTML to PDF, PPT to PDF or vice versa, PDF Bear will do those things within just a second because it is created solely for that purpose.

Aside from converting files to different formats depending on your choices, this tool is also competent when it comes to deleting pages, merging PDF, or splitting pages from PDF. So flexible, isn’t it?

If you’re thinking the process might take so long, I’ll give you an example to prove that it’s the other way around. Splitting pages from PDF, for instance, the steps are easy to fathom, so set aside your worry, Buddy. For the first step, you must select a file by hitting the Select Files switch or drag a PDF document you want to split. After doing that, select the pages you want to split from the original document.

Once you’re done choosing the files you want to split, refine it by hitting the pages you’ve selected and then export it individually in a PDF format. After executing all the steps, you can now download the file. It’s an excellent Split PDF tool, Buddy, so cast your doubts now and try it immediately!

The PDF Bear Tool Guarantees Your Safety and Privacy

One good reason to use the PDF Bear online tool is it gives you total assurance that all the documents you downloaded or uploaded on their website will be erased after an hour from the time your link was generated. It’s an excellent tool to invest in; you will finish the tasks without putting your security at risk.

PDF Bear’s Premium Version Offers a Lot of Features

The free versions of tools we can grasp today have limitations; if you want to unlock the features it offers, you should gamble first. So, Let’s cast our doubts when it comes to investing our money in tools that are genuinely beneficial to our side.

The PDF Bear offers unlimited features once you become their PRO member. You can have endless tasks, max files per task, have an endless amount of OCR tasks, have a big file size of files per task, unlimited storage for the supported documents, and advertisement will no longer pop up once you subscribe to a Premium version.


It’s a dream come true once you find a tool that suits your interest, once found one, you must hold it tightly and never let it go. PDF Bear offers you the best features; it’s incomparable and convenient to use, so stop finding the best tool elsewhere because it’s already in front of you. Enjoy and change the papers you want to convert, Buddy!

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