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Email Searcher for Prospect Management: Automate and Gain Profit

Email finder searches email addresses on websites based on user-defined criteria. The program allows you to use many parameters to create a targeted mailing list quickly.

Gathering a high-quality database of emails is one of the most important tasks of email marketing and prospect management. The effectiveness of your email marketing depends on the list quality. Email searching service, such as, extracts email and the names of their owners from website content.

What Are the Benefits?

Currently, you can find on the market many email searchers. However, has several advantages that make this solution the best of its kind. It is worth noting a large number of different settings in the algorithm, and you can almost everything configure here!

How to Use?

Using an email lookup tool, you can automate the monotonous manual work of collecting personal information (email addresses and names) about representatives of a particular company. After all, such information is often scattered across numerous pages of a website, and it takes a lot of time to collect it manually.

Email searcher, such as can independently select the necessary sites by user-specified keywords, which significantly speeds up the process of collecting the necessary email addresses. You don’t have to choose the addresses of the target websites manually. You just need to specify the keywords based on the required criteria to create a relevant database. This feature of the program allows you to easily and quickly create targeted (highly specialized) email address databases for your specific needs.

Get Email Address Owner Names

Unlike many competitors, GetProspect allows you to get not only email addresses from site content but also the names of their owners. This feature takes the searching process to a fundamentally new level since the efficiency of sending to a personalized address database is much higher than to the usual one.

How to configure the email lookup tool?

The program settings allow you to:

  • limit the search depth;
  • set filters for the inclusion of certain words, like positions, lead country, industries, cities;
  • indicate the website for priority searching and collecting email addresses;
  • use this search engines to search by company name, company size;
  • swipe to define the limit of max leads.

Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of using integrations for highly specialized tasks for working with email addresses. The standard version of the program includes export to XLS, bulk import, integrations with different services, flexible work with lists, and sharing functions.

The email searching tool uses many settings threads. The program operates in multi-threaded mode, which allows you to speed up the collection of information several times.

A flexible filtering system for search results allows making any transformations with data collected. The Internet is the richest and most efficient source of such marketing data and prospect management. So, squeeze 100% efficient and relevant data from this space using a lookup email address algorithm.

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