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Why Reliance Health Infinity is the Best Value for Money Health Insurance

Long-time back there was no conversation happening around health insurance but now people have understood its importance. In these hard times, many people are opting for health insurance due to unpredictability and the rising costs of medical care. The government has promoted people getting health insurance for a long time and has been giving tax benefits to the people who opt for a health insurance policy.

The gravity of the situation that the COVID-19 virus has created has only impacted people more to look for a better health insurance policy which keeps their family covered in these hard times of crisis. Hospital costs can take a toll on people’s financial income and thus one must look for a good policy. Discussing good health insurance policies one of the great discoveries by people themselves has turned out to be Reliance Health Infinity plan.

Health Infinity

This recent policy be Reliance general has come as a sort of relief and the best health insurance one could get. It is a plan far from ambiguity with no hidden costs and thus gives a person more benefit than what a basic health care plan has to offer. The comprehensive plan offers the same benefits which are far ahead of its competitors and close diving into the policy will help us understand this.

Eligibility criteria

The plan is available for a child from age 91 days to 25 years of age and for adults from 18 years to 65 years of age. Thus, this is almost a complete coverage for everyone. Also, the family floater options can extend this plan for 8 members of the family which also includes dependent children. In case a family have lost a person or the person is not eligible for the policy then rest of the family is still able to enjoy the benefits of the policy.


The policy could be divided into three time period that is 1 year, 2 year or 3 years depending on the plan you choose and this will also affect the premium amount.

More cover

What makes this policy unique is the greater coverage for longer periods. The insured person gets the additional sum to insure and also for the extra period. The policy offers 13-month cover for 12-month premium. This is one of those benefits which is rarely seen.

There are no hidden charges or limits in the policy. We have often heard of polices posing great difficulties when it comes to reimbursement of the hospital bed bills and other things and there are many unseen things which emerge out of the policy at the point of time. With this policy, everything is crisp and clear with health infinity Reliance has done away with any kind of sub-limits that could have been involved.

With lots of benefits, all of them hard to cover in a single page the best thing offered is the transparency and added benefits that come with the basic policy. Buy health insurance online now to enjoy tons of these benefits.

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