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Filing For Divorce in Florida

Going through a divorce is not only an emotionally traumatic experience but also incredibly overwhelming due to the formalities involved. The ideal situation is that both parties must spend time to reach a divorce agreement without opposition. The law states that couples can complete uncontested divorce forms to file their divorce documents, with or without the help of a lawyer. You can get an uncontested divorce from Florida provided both spouses can agree calmly on all pending matters. An uncontested divorce in Florida will not be possible if one of the parties wants to make things difficult. As in any other state, Florida has mandatory rules that must be met to obtain a divorce. There is simply no way to avoid this. Also, it is much quicker to get a final divorce if both agree to all the terms and send the uncontested forms completed by a personal or mutual representative.

What exactly is an uncontested divorce?

A divorce in which both parties can accept the terms of the divorce is an uncontested divorce. With an uncontested divorce, both parties can adequately negotiate the terms of the divorce without going through legal proceedings. A lawyer represents both parties involved and prepares the divorce documents. In general, the lawyer will meet with the party he represents and begins the divorce process. The parties negotiate the terms until they are both are entirely satisfied. There are several ways of going about an uncontested divorce, and we will examine them.


Florida created the simplified marriage dissolution procedure called the “Easy Divorce” to help people who represent themselves in divorce. You can use this type of case if:

1. You have no children, and the wife is not pregnant

2. You have a written agreement to divide your property

3. Both sign the petition and appear in court for the final hearing

How to file an uncontested divorce

After both parties have agreed that they want an uncontested divorce from Florida, the two must find the best way to obtain, and submit the required court documents. Here are the methods involved:

· An uncontested divorce can be gotten by hiring a single lawyer to represent both parties and to finalise court documents. This is actually a very common method. Some people do not feel comfortable working with a single lawyer and prefer to receive independent advice from their own lawyer. But, it is also common to hire two lawyers and direct a lawyer to prepare all the necessary Florida divorce court documents, and then have the other lawyer review the divorce documents.

· Another way to acquire an uncontested divorce from Florida is to agree to use one of the online divorce form services to obtain all the necessary documents. You can locate a divorce or separation forms online service from one of the many available today. Simply do mild research online to find out where to get an online form and make a selection based on their level of experience and positive reviews. When you hire a divorce service of this type, you can be sure that you will obtain the relevant divorce documents from the state of Florida. To use an online divorce or separation form to handle the filing of your divorce in Florida, you can choose to hire a service provider for three different types of services available.

· A type of online divorce or separation forms service will send you blank forms for a Florida divorce. All these blank forms come accompanied by instructions on how to complete them with the appropriate information. However, you will have to complete them on your own.

· An alternative type of service is an online divorce form which comes in the form of a questionnaire. This type of service will request that you or your spouse fill out a questionnaire about your marriage. Then, this type of online divorce or separation forms service will complete all of the necessary Florida divorce forms for you and will send you instructions on how to file all divorce documents.

· The third type of online divorce or separation forms service is a complete service provider and, typically, this type of service is provided by law firms. This online service category of divorce or separation forms will allow you to complete questionnaires, complete the necessary forms, obtain all the required signatures from both parties and then present the legal documents required by law. This type of divorce service is usually more expensive than the other types because you or your spouse must pay all mandatory fees for the presentation of the forms to the state. When using the other two types of online divorce forms services, you or your spouse must pay all filing fees directly to the court because you present all your forms yourself.

What can obstruct an uncontested divorce?

You may ask, how could one of the spouses obstruct Florida’s uncontested divorce process? By challenging issues in which consent must be given, including grounds for divorce, or by challenging problems that include:

· How the property will be divided

· How the residence of the children will be decided and when each parent will have the time of foster care

· The amount of child support that should be remitted by law

Each and every issue that must be addressed to obtain a Florida divorce can be challenged. And so, if either party wanted to delay or prevent an “uncontested divorce”, that is very possible. On the contrary, all matters of family law can be resolved through an agreement. When both you and your spouse can agree to a divorce in Florida, you must agree amicably on all pending issues, and then the parties can enter an uncontested divorce from Florida.

Advantages of an online divorce

· Getting an uncontested divorce online is considerably cheaper than going to court. A way to save money is to negotiate the terms of the divorce agreement before contacting a lawyer to start the divorce process. When going through a divorce, saving money is a great benefit. This is money that can be used to make the necessary changes and for living expenses.

· It saves time for everyone involved. It is much stressful having to struggle through the entire process for months at a stretch. This takes its toll mentally and physically. An uncontested divorce eliminates this to a minimal level. Since both parties will be working without disagreements on important issues, this can be completed in a short time compared to going through the entire proceedings.

· An online divorce can also help maintain a level of civility between the parties. If the parties to the divorce have a friendly relationship, it is better to keep mutual respect privately and publicly to avoid things getting messy, especially if there are children involved.

· Another advantage is the privacy offered by an uncontested divorce in contrast to court proceedings. The separation will be a matter of public record, but the visibility of the negotiations and the actions taken are potentially private and limited by what the parties reveal in the documents.

All in all, online divorce is inexpensive and really affordable. You have one less thing to worry about while navigating through the throes of separating from your spouse.

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