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Guide to Play Fantasy Cricket on Paytm First Games

Everyone loves games and believe me they are amazing.  And what’s better than playing a game related to your favourite sport, cricket. The rise of fantasy cricket in India is commendable. Indians have gracefully the concept of fantasy cricket India. This is why more and more platforms have come up with offering the service of fantasy cricket India. But many people are still new to the concept of fantasy cricket India, which is why we are here to give you a brief guide regarding the same.

Play smart & earn lavishly

Cricket is an optimal sport for us Indians. India has always been number one in cricket. If you are passionate about cricket this is the right place for you. On Paytm First Games, users get the chance to create their own fantasy cricket India team and play. This keeps them closer to their favourite sport, even though they cannot physically play the match.

Flexibility – This online game can be played anywhere and during anytime. In the comfort of your home, office, garden etc, you can participate in any of the ongoing or upcoming Fantasy cricket India matches. You just need to have a proper internet connection and you are good to go.

Prizes and Rewards – Another benefit of playing fantasy cricket India is that the scores that you received can be converted into Paytm cash. The same can be utilised when you make any other purchase of the app. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Steps to play Fantasy Cricket India

  • Download the Paytm First Game app and create your own account
  • Create your virtual team of 11 players who are available for that particular match
  • Select the Captain and Vice-captain of your team
  • Captain and vice-captain play a key role here, so keep this in mind
  • Each player shall score some points. These can be visible to you via the live score board

Once you get confident enough on how to win Paytm cash through fantasy cricket India, you can then play other games that are available on the platforms. Games like Ludo, Rummy, Board Games, Quizzes, etc, all are available on the platform. You can also play puzzles which have proved to be beneficial for cognitive development of an individual. This way you can enjoy playing on Paytm First Games to the fullest and at the same time earn Paytm cash when you win.

Apart from fantasy cricket India, this lockdown definitely calls for other games to be played. It also calls for spending time with your loved ones, and what’s better than having a competition with them on Paytm First Games? You only need to download the app and you are all set to have fun and entertainment. For us, playing such games have proved to be very productive and we hope the same for you all. So don’t wait and be bored for yet another minute or day. Download Paytm First Games app today and have the best of the gaming world. Have fun!

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