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Here’s What Comes After a Degree in Fashion

If you’re wondering what options will be available to you after you finish your fashion program, there’s no need to look further! We’ve gathered in this list the most popular professions for fashion graduates. So, don’t worry, you won’t be out of a job after you get your diploma.

Clothes Designer

Being a couturier is the profession that is most commonly associated with fashion and no wonder! All the fashion wannabees and fashion students fantasize about being one of the legendary clothes designers like Christian Dior or Coco Chanel.

Clothes designers create original articles of clothing, footwear, and accessories. The envision creative designs in their heads, recreate it on paper, select the right materials, and realize their ideas with a sewing machine.

Fashion Store Manager

In contrast to the previous profession, this profession isn’t something all fashion students dream about having after finishing their degree. However, many fashion graduates decide to go this route and try to climb the corporate ladder of a big retail clothing brand like ZARA and other similar ones.

Having extensive knowledge in fashion and all aspects surrounding, fashion graduates are perfect for these jobs. Fashion store managers will be in charge of setting daily KPIs for the staff, supervising the work done, and trying to deliver service of the highest quality.


This is one of the more interesting jobs for fashion graduates, but interesting doesn’t mean easy. What stylists do is create looks on the fly for the store’s clients. This means quickly eyeing up any willing client, proposing ideas to them, and getting denied over and over again until you persuade the client that the clothes you picked out make them look stunning.

Being able to measure up anyone just from a quick glance and basing your choices off of abstract desires is pretty hard, but it’s very satisfying. Additionally, just

Fashion Blogger

Prepare to do fashion service literature review, write articles, and record videos about other fashion brands and developments in the world of couture. If you know to hold someone’s attention with either your talking or your writing, then this profession just might be for you.

Numerous fashion magazines are in constant need of new and exciting personalities to spice up their pages with interesting content. Additionally, you could try making yourself into an e-celebrity and taking your opinions to such platforms as YouTube.

Market Buyer

You think you’d do great buying up the clothes to sell for the next season? You feel like you’re always in front of everybody else at staying fashionable? In this case, a market buyer position might be a suitable position for you.

Market buyers purchase clothes in bulk to (usually) brick-and-mortar stores to sell in person. As a market buyer, you’re free to start your own store or join a big brand where you’ll be buying up all the hottest and latest trends.

Fabric Engineer

Behind the fancy name, you’ll find a pretty unassuming job – designing and creating different fabrics to be used in the creation of various articles of clothing. The beautiful fabrics with enchanting patterns and prints have to come from somewhere, and fabric engineers are in charge of that.

Most commonly, the biggest achievement for private fabric engineers is signing an exclusive contract with a big brand name. Fabric engineers usually work with design software to sketch out their ideas and machinery to mass-produce the fabric.

Jewelry Designer

This job is very similar to being a clothes designer; however, this profession is considered to be a more delicate and intricate one. So, if you feel like playing around with the designs for beautiful jewels, expensive stones, and diamonds is the vocation for you, then becoming a jewelry designer is out of the question.

The jewelry designer is a very high-paying profession because the fashion market is full of vacancies for this position. So, when you choose this field to specialize in, you’re making a big step toward your financial security.

Personal Shopping Assistant

Are you absolutely in love with shopping and creating amazing looks for other people? Well, in this case, being a personal shopping assistant is just for you. Many business people and celebrities just don’t have the time to go around and waste their time on shopping, which is why they hire personal shopping assistants.

Personal shopping assistants get to know what each client prefers, what suits them more, and what they would like to try. After this, they start buying clothes in advance and giving the clothes to their clients to try on.

An Amazing Field with Tons of Opportunities

These aren’t the only jobs within the field, so, if nothing really strikes out for you, don’t worry. In such a diverse field as fashion, you’ll always be able to find yourself an engaging opportunity for work.

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