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How to Celebrate Halloween in a Pandemic

If your family is quarantining because of the pandemic but you still want your kids to experience the joy of the fall season and the excitement of Halloween, you may be wondering what you can do to safely celebrate. While your kids may be used to trick-or-treating and going door-to-door with their friends on Halloween, the close contact may not be advisable during a pandemic. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still get festive from the comfort of home! For example, you can decorate the house, get dressed up, grab a pumpkin shaped pizza and celebrate with your loved ones. Here are a few reasons to consider getting into the Halloween spirit from the comfort and safety of home, and how the right food and décor can help you achieve the right mood.

Why This Pumpkin Shaped Pizza Is the Best

If you’re looking for the best lunch near me, consider finding festive pizza deals for an unforgettably spooky meal. Kids will love unique, seasonally shaped foods, and a pumpkin-shaped pizza is a great way to set the tone for the evening and get kids in the fall spirit. For side dishes, consider helping your kids bake seasonal treats. Ideas to consider include:

  • Pumpkin-shaped cookies to match the pizza
  • Witches’ hat cookies
  • Candy corn cupcakes
  • Ghost-shaped marshmallow treats
  • Caramel apples

By getting kids involved with the meal preparation, they’ll be more inclined to try the foods. This can help them get a full meal in, and feel prepared and energetic for the upcoming night of fun. Be sure to include some fresh produce as well for a healthy, well-rounded meal. You can even consider giving these healthier foods seasonal names to encourage kids to try them. For example, consider getting kids to pitch in and make spooky spinach or ghostly greens.

Why You Should Always Try for These New Pizza Deals

While it might sound exorbitantly expensive to throw a Halloween party at home, it doesn’t have to be! You can find pizza deals, for instance, and cut back on food costs for the night. Additionally, you could find other ways to be frugal, such as repeating Halloween costumes from previous years or re-using older decorations that you already have. You can dress up older costumes by adding accessories or using markers and stickers to personalize older outfits. To really get into the Halloween mood without spending extra cash, consider checking out spooky books from your local library. Your kids will have fun and sharpen their reading skills as an added bonus!

For parents with young children, celebrating Halloween during a pandemic may seem like a challenge. However, just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fall season and get into the Halloween spirit! Whether you’re interested in decorating your home and getting dressed up or just kicking back and ordering a fun, pumpkin-shaped pizza, there are several options for you and your family to have fun even while quarantined. If you’re stuck for ideas, consider these top tips and you can enjoy a fun Halloween right from the comfort of your own home.

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