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Mylar Packaging Design Guide: Entice Customers With These Simple Tips

Did you know your packaging can have a profound impact on whether potential customers choose to purchase your product or a competitor’s? If you think about it, this makes sense. Your packaging is the first thing your customers see. Whether they realize it or not, they’ll make a snap judgment about the product inside based on what they see on the outside. You can use this to your advantage by making sure you carefully plan out your packaging and use it to help sell the product inside. Here are a few simple packaging design tips that can help you entice customers more effectively.

Safety Features

For parents who want to keep their kids from getting into food or supplements, child resistant mylar bags are a must. You can appeal to this demographic by making sure your bags have secure zippers that aren’t easy for children to open. Whether you sell supplements, pet food or anything in-between, secure packaging can help you score points with your target audience so you have an easier time selling to them.

Visual Appeal

Mylar bags can be as boring or as interesting as you design them to be. Generally, people don’t like to be overwhelmed by graphics, but they do appreciate packaging that looks clean and inviting. Choose a color palette that speaks to your target audience and entices them to buy. It’s easy to create custom mylar bags that display your preferred colors and designs. Don’t forget to include your logo in a prominent place so buyers can easily identify who makes the product.

Quality Materials

Whether you’re purchasing coffee beans packaging bags or jerky bags, you need to make sure you choose bags that are made with quality materials. Customers can often tell just by picking up a bag if it’s high-quality or not. Ideally, your packaging should be strong enough to carry its contents without risk of tearing or breaking. It should also be able to seal out gases, light and moisture effectively. If it doesn’t have these basic features, the product inside is likely to go rancid more quickly.

Keep in mind that although quality packaging is more expensive than sub-par packaging, it can actually save you money in the long run. That’s because you’ll have an easier time appealing to customers and selling through your inventory if you have quality packaging. You’ll also generally have a longer shelf life than you would if you used poor-quality packaging.

Stand-Up Capabilities

Your packaging will be more attractive if it is gusseted to stand up on its own. Lay-flat pouches have their place too, but most products work well in stand-up pouches. You’ll also generally be able to get more products on the shelf if they stand up rather than lay flat on each other.

These are just a few of the customization options available for mylar packaging. If you’re serious about attracting your target audience and getting them to buy your products, try to make your packaging as enticing as possible. You can do this through expert design, added features (such as child resistant mylar bags) and quality materials.

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