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How to take care of your two wheeler’s electrical system?

The electrical system is the most imperative component of a two-wheeler such as bike. This is a part where the working of a 2-wheeler highly depends on. Just like other elements of a bike, the electrical system also requires complete care and timely maintenance.

Here, in this write-up, we will discuss the basics of how to take care of and maintain a modern two-wheeler’s electrical system. Before discussing the maintenance tips, let’s learn the basics of a standard electrical system of a two-wheeler.

Basic Components Of Two-Wheeler’s Electrical System

The electrical system of a 2-wheeler can have various components. A bike gets its electricity and transfer current through 3 sources – 1) a battery, 2) an alternator, 3) wiring harness. As we all know, a battery is used to store charging and keep the electrical system working by maintaining the voltage. An alternator is just opposite to a battery as it produces electricity when the engine is switched ON. The wiring harness is a bunch of wires that channelize the current to various components of the electrical system.

Best Tips For Maintaining Bike’s Electrical System

To ensure the smooth functioning of your electrical system, follow the most effective tips as given below –

  • Say NO To High-Pressure Wash

To give your two-wheeler the energetic juice it needs, it is essential to protect your bike’s electrical system from any damages. So, make sure that your vehicle stays away from the high-pressure wash.

  • Regular Inspection

Prevention is better than cure. So, to stay away from the future repair cost, it is good to timely inspect the wiring harness of your bike for tears and cracks. Make sure that there is no cut on the electrical cable and if there is any, replace the worn-out cables instead of spending the money in its repairing. Take care of wires placed near the motor, exhaust or other heat sources. Tie up all loose cables in a set to improve their strength.

  • Trickle Charger

A trickle charger is the best way to charge a motorcycle or bike battery. This type of charger extends the battery life by slowing the charging pace. In comparison to a battery charger, a trickle charger is more beneficial, especially during winter days. You can simply put your bike on this charger for consistent charging and enjoy the ride whenever you want without worrying about the fuel system.

  • Bike Insurance

If implementing the above maintenance tips seem challenging for you, then you may reap the benefits of two wheeler insurance policy. Choose the insurance where you can get financial aid for repair works of the bike after a natural calamity, an accident or in case of theft.

When you get two wheeler insurance, you pay much less money as the insurance premium than total sum insured. It will not only offers the risk coverage towards vehicle damage or loss, but your self physical injury as well.

So, to ensure the trouble-free functioning of your bike, try to follow above-mentioned tips and rest assured about enjoying a smooth ride.

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