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Summer Riding: Tips for Riding Your Bike in Extreme Heat

Road trips are among the top exciting things motorcycle enthusiasts would be doing this summer. As heat rises, people would definitely want to go places where they can find comfort.

Are you planning a road trip anytime soon?

If yes, then there are certain things that you need to know. Apart from having appropriate two-wheeler insurance for your safety, it is also important to know how to comfortably ride a bike this summer.

Here are a few tips for staying cool while riding in this extreme temperature.

1: Jacket with Ventilation

While riding your bike in this extreme heat, it is essential that you wear a jacket that has proper ventilation. During intense humidity, some of the best jackets used for heat protection are the ones with textile mesh panels. Due to the mesh panels, your jacket becomes breathable. This, in turn, makes your riding experience comfortable on hot days.

Alternatively, you can opt for perforated leather (with or without zip vents). Make sure that the perforation is extensive, thuskeeping you cool during the summer heat. Otherwise, it becomes nothing but a liability to trap heat, making you uncomfortable during your entire journey.

While selecting a jacket for your summer riding trips, make sure that you pay attention to the quality of the seam stitches. Jackets that have single seam stitches between their sleeves, cuffs and front and back panel are often less expensive. But despite their less price, they are most likely to be less durable than jackets with double stitching.

2: Choose Gloves with Mesh Backs

Although it is a small item, gloves are still as important as other riding clothing. Most people do not ride without an appropriate pair of gloves, not even when the outdoor temperature is likely to make their hands sweaty.

For avoiding palm perspiration while gripping your bike’s handles, make sure you are buying a pair of heat-friendly riding gloves. Some of the best quality summer riding gloves are the ones that are made of perforated leather. They tend to have perforated backs with solid leather palms and inner-fingers.

On the other hand, gloves with back panels that are made of textile mesh are also good for hand ventilation.

Another feature that you need to look for while purchasing gloves is wrist closure. It is essential as it allows the gloves to stay on your hands when you need them the most for protection. For this purpose, some gloves come with elastic wristbands. Apart from this, also look for features such as snaps, adjustable buckles, and wrist straps, as they tend to offer better retention.

3: Choose a Breathable Helmet

The single most important piece of riding for any motorcyclist is the helmet. Having proper headgear for protecting the most vulnerable part of your body is very crucial. Despite its high importance, many riders opt to skip its use during the summer season.

The traditional helmet designs were solid all around and lacked ventilation. After a certain temperature rise, this design made the riding experience uncomfortable and sweaty. Fortunately, today we have access to multiple helmet designs that make summer riding experience safe and comfortable.

Some of the best helmet designs include the ones that are made of carbon fiber or hybrids of polycarbonate and fiberglass. While providing safety, modern helmet designs are also lightweight, ventilated and often come with Bluetooth compatibility.

The Bottom Line

Along with these above-mentioned essential items, riding the bike during summer also mean riding it safely. For this very reason, it is essential to have bike insurance under your name. If you still haven’t purchased a bike insurance policy then now is the time to do so. There are many insurance providers who offer different benefits to their clients.

Are you confused about which bike insurance plan you should choose?

Well, don’t worry! There are many websites online that allow you to compare different plans. Buy a policy that offers maximum coverage and has less bike insurance premiumto pay. Make the most out of your ride this summer and every other season of the year.

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