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Increasing Downloads of Personalized Learning Apps are the New Normal

Technology has impacted all aspects of life. The education sector is no exception. It has been pushing the world of technology and has revolutionized this sector completely. Technological advancements have led to blended learning, where online and digital approaches to learning are combined with traditional approaches for enhancing the experience of the students and also provide more advanced and effective tools for teaching. This all has increased the number of download mobile learning apps.

This increase is mainly because of the enhanced personalized learning experience these apps provide to the student. They ensure that every student can learn at their own pace and provide tailor-made content to fulfil every student’s need, which was earlier not possible in traditional learning. With the advent of learning apps, there is a trend of moving to online platforms for both the students and teachers. This trend has gained more momentum during the pandemic, and it has now become the new normal.

Personalized learning apps cater to every student’s needs and make sure no student is left behind. They have made teachers’ job also easy as they can now evaluate and measure their student performance via download mobile educational apps. This has significantly transformed the learning and teaching experience. The most needed changes in the education sectors are met by these personalized learning apps. Hence there are various reasons why these apps have become part of the new normal. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • A Better Learning Model: Personalized learning apps are indeed a better learning model than the generic learning model. This is because a generic model ignores that every student is different in their learning pace, approach, and interest; therefore, he is unique in several ways. The generic model does not take this into account and imparts education the standard way to all the students.

Personalized apps account for this difference, and that is why we have seen a sharp increase in the usage of these apps. Students can set their own learning model as per their needs with these personalized learning apps.

  • More Flexibility: Personalized learning apps are far more flexible than the traditional model. This is because it allows students to learn at their own speed. They have the flexibility to move into the next concept only when they have clearly understood the previous one. They can keep repeating the previous concept without worrying about keeping pace with the teacher’s speed. This allows them the freedom to learn, and one does not feel any stress or burden. Students can divide the time to each topic as they think is suitable for them and thus start learning and practising accordingly. It thus makes streamlined differentiated learning possible.
  • Study Material: Under the generic model of learning, the study material is limited to the teachers’ information or predetermined standardized study material, which rarely changes with them. But with personalized learning apps, the study material available virtually is unlimited. The students are made available the learning material from various independent sources and various experts. This gives the students access to quality learning and resource material at the comfort of their home. This makes them more aware of their surroundings and thus helps them in their further growth and development. In short, it broadens students’ knowledge base with so much ease.
  • Accessibility: One of the biggest reasons for personalized apps to become popular is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. There is, therefore, no restriction on time and place. This has pushed the boundaries of education. Cloud-based technology makes sure one can get the best of knowledge from anywhere and at any time.
  • Increase Engagement: The main focus under personalized learning apps is more on understanding the concepts thoroughly than to score. Thus, students are not only preparing for the scores and test through these apps but are learning skills that will help them in the future and thus leads to their overall development. This also increases their overall interest and curiosity in learning various new things. Personalized learning apps have increased student engagement as they can now learn as per their schedule and thus enhance their knowledge.
  • Accurate Assessment: With the traditional learning model, the assessment usually takes place to evaluate the student’s periodic knowledge, but with personalized apps, this assessment is continuous and ongoing and thus provides better feedback to the students and helps them focus on the weaker areas for improvement.

Overall, it is safe to say that learning apps are only adding on to and enhancing the educational experience for students as well as the teachers. Students who are hesitant or are afraid to raise their doubts in classrooms can easily do so with the help of these learning apps and also seek assistance in other education problems.

Hence, these are some of the reasons why these learning apps are popular and why they become part of the new normal. Download personalized learning app to have better learning experience today.

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