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Ukraine- FMGE/MCI Passing Ratio and PG options after MBBS

Undoubtedly, Studying MBBS in Ukraine is a perfect option for Indian students and there are numerous reasons to support the same.  The prime reason is low-cost Ukrainian medical colleges with an exceptionally good level of education. You can check National Medical Commission ( formerly known as MCI) website for such a list of approved Medical universities in Ukraine Wondering whether it is safe or not? Well, the answer is, Of course, yes!  You can walk around the cities of Ukraine without any worry, even at midnight! Being part of European Union, law enforcement is very good.

At present, the Indian students keep on choosing the Ukrainian universities, over and over again. Some of the best universities in Ukraine are:

  • Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
  • National Pirogov MMU Vinnytsya
  • Bukovinian State Medical University
  • Poltava Medical University
  • Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University
  • Ternopil Medical University
  • Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Kharkhiv National Medical University
  • Zhaporizia National Medical University

Many of the agents misguide the students by saying that Ukrainian University prepare you for the FMGE/NEXT or USMLE examination which is completely false as Ukrainian Universities do not teach Indian students alone but other country’s students as well and they don’t need to appear for the FMGE exam as it is Indian licensing exam. The only success mantra to clear FMGE/NEXT is to select a good university andstart preparing for it early. You can join Moksh NEXT/USMLE Live Lectures to ensure success to secure your Medical license In india. Program design is based on Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to assess your performance accurately. It can predict your score for the actual exam. NEXT live lectures continue for 5 year and the last year is utilized to remove your weaknesses based on tests and assessments.

Is a doctor qualified enough  to make his career just by doing bachelors in Medicine from  any Ukrainian Medical University? The answer is no! Without a specialization degree, a doctor’s career is not complete. The question arises – how to go about it? And from where?

Let’s look at the possible options. If you are looking to come back to India, then you need to secure a good rank in NEXT exam for your preferred Specialization. And for those dreaming to practice in USA ,it is USMLE exam after clearing which you earn 55K to 75K every year during your PG studies , after successfully completing your program you earn from 200K-400K USD every year as a specialist working in a world class hospital. Your PG Degree from USA (Called as Residency) is accepted worldwide. If your dream is Europe then recommended entry point is Germany where getting Medical PG is not difficult and you get blue card very soon. Once you are a German citizen, you can reap the benefits of European union. Whatever your choice maybe, Moksh always offers solution so you can reach to your dream destination for Medical PG.

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