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North Carolina Shipping and Sea Containers for Sale

Shipping and sea containers are making the market mainstream for both personal home projects, as well as for storage necessities that you may need in order to be able to store your personal belongings, overstock inventory for businesses, and more. By going to a reputable source, you can find them for literally thousands of dollars less than the average storage unit or additional building. While they’re available nationwide, they’re making their way into the North Carolina market as well, and they are currently used on the barges of the famous Cape Fear River for hauling cargo of course. But now you can own one yourself and recycle them to make the most of it!

Options for Conex Containers

Shipping containers come in many different sizes, and more importantly, they also come in various conditions that you may want. Why would you want to buy one that wasn’t in perfect condition? Well for starters, the cost is extremely efficient since these boxes can greatly withstand numerous elements, from tsunamis and hurricanes, to even tornadoes. On top of that, they provide great steel material that is durable and just may need to be patched up at the worst (or recycled to create more material) for your tiny house or building project.


Yes, storage containers can withstand hurricanes. Even if they’re used. For most of these, you’ll want to look for one that is a windproof and watertight container as compared to anything that would be considered as-is. Of course, this is for maximum protection from the elements.

What to Look for In a Shipping Container

If you’re new at buying shipping containers, you’ll want to check the quality of them on all 6 sides, outside, and inside. Most shipping containers also have a plywood floor that if you buy used, you may end up needing to add onto of replace. That being said, it’s crucial that you get a container that is at certified and pre-inspected, then do your own for security. Here at Shipped, they do a full inspection, and can even make sure that your container is certified to meet various regulations and standards in your state, so you don’t have any code violations to worry about.

Buying Used vs. Buying New

You can often find brand new cargo units that have only had their primary shipment, but expect to pay a few thousand more for these, as they’re in almost perfect condition. You may notice a few scuffs from the original shipping to America, but other than that they are perfectly sound. When you’re buying one to use as personal storage, you may want to opt for the option of getting one that may have a few dings or more in it, and be sure to inspect it well for rust spots that may need re-painted or touched up and patched. This can get you a great deal.

Conclusion: The Best North Carolina Shipping Container Dealer has been selling cargo containers literally nationwide for years, and more importantly, they can find locations right in the heart of North Carolina to give you the best possible deals, so you don’t have to pay for shipping. Need one shipped to Wilmington Beach, Raleigh, or even further inland like Winston-Salem? has your needs covered and can get you a solid quote on delivery for an excellent price anytime during business hours!


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