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Splitting PDFs: Use PDF Bear to do The Process

Splitting PDF files is hard to do, especially if you don’t have the right software. But with PDF Bear, you can make it possible in seconds without spending anything. PDF Bear can help you split your PDF file, and it is capable of providing a straightforward instruction. So here’s why you should use PDF Bear in splitting your PDFs.

How to Split Your PDFs?

Splitting your PDF files is essential, especially if you want to send an email attachment, but if the mail server doesn’t allow you, you need to split that PDF to achieve that goal. If you’re searching for the best PDF splitting tool, you’re in the right place because PDF Bear can provide that feature.

This function from PDF Bear will lend you a helping hand in extracting pages separately and transfer them to individual PDFs. Users can create new PDFs from the original PDF file. When you do the process, you have to remember two things. This PDF splitting tool can help you decide whether you have to extract some document pages from its source or split a PDF into different PDF pages. With that, here’s how you can do a PDF split:

  1. Do the “Drag & Drop” process or select the PDF Files that you wish to split.
  2. Users can choose those pages they want to split from their original PDF file through tapping the page.
  3. After selecting those pages you need, select and refine those pages you want and turn them into separate PDFs.
  4. After the process, you can now start downloading or sharing the PDF files.

Use This Tool Anywhere and Anytime

Many people always handle PDF files every day for work, business, and other useful purposes. With that, they will need a handy tool that they can access wherever or whatever device they are using, and PDF Bear is the perfect tool for that. With the use of PDF Bear, users around the globe can access its different features using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and other internet-connected devices.

Aside from splitting your PDF files, users can also use this software to merge, compress, convert, or even protect their PDF files. And if you’re a desktop user, don’t worry because PDF Bear can be accessed on platforms such as Linux, Windows, or Mac.

PDF Bear Features The Online Cloud System

With the help of PDF Bear’s splitting tool, users can extract, add, or even separate a PDF file into individual and different PDF pages, and this process is done through the cloud. PDF Bear can make everything easy for you in managing PDF files because, aside from its helpful tools, this software won’t take even a bit of your computer’s hard drive memory capacity.

Uncomplicated Splitting Process

If you’re using different software, it might be hard to split your PDF files because some of those platforms don’t provide clear and straightforward instructions. But with PDF Bear, all of its tools and features provide an uncomplicated instruction that users can easily follow. Aside from that, anyone can access PDF Bear for free.

PDF Bear is Safe and Secure to Use

There are times that we don’t want other people to access or see our documents because they are private or confidential. If you use the wrong tools, chances are the security of your files will be jeopardized, but if you use PDF Bear, those files will stay safe and secure. All of the uploaded and download files in PDF Bear will be deleted after an hour. It will help you to keep your documents away from those unwanted individuals.


PDF Bear is the safest software that you can use to handle your PDFs. Your files will be secured and will stay private because its system will wipe them out after 60 minutes. Aside from that, users can also use this platform to convert, merge, or even repair their PDFs with zero cost.

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