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Which is better – Automatic vs Manual Gear Transmission?

Few years ago, purchasing a car was relatively easy as one had to sift through limited options. Nowadays, not only do prospective car buyers need to think about the car’s make, model, mileage, and variant, they also need to think about car maintenance, color, accessories, transmission, and insurance. Recently, there has been a rise in automatic cars, i.e. cars featuring automatic transmission. This means you do not need to press the clutch and change the car’s gears, it can be done automatically.

Read ahead to distinguish between cars with a manual transmission and automatic transmission.

  • Price

Automatic cars are costlier as compared to cars with manual transmission. However, the price gap has narrowed over the years. One must note that this is just the initial purchase cost. There are several costs that are associated with cars over their lifetime.

  • Driving

Is it easy to drive an automatic car? Yes, it is automatic! However, some drivers prefer manual transmission as they feel a connect with the car when they operate it. Whereas some drivers find it extremely difficult to press the clutch and change gears. New drivers usually find it easy to drive an automatic car as compared to a car with manual transmission.

  • Mileage

With the constantly rising fuel prices, the mileage of a car becomes a crucial point of contention when making the purchase decision. Cars with manual transmission provide better mileage as compared to automatic transmission. However, with technological advancements, automatic cars are also offering good mileage. The difference of mileage between both types has reduced to a difference of around 5 kmpl.

  • Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, automatic cars are less expensive to maintain than cars with manual transmission. This can be attributed to the fact that automatic cars do not need the constant clutch-pressing and rigorous gear changing. Clutch plate of cars with manual transmission undergoes a lot of wear and tear over a period of time and might need replacement. The mechanism behind automatic gear transmission is designed to be smooth. This way, the jerks associated with manual transmission are taken care of.

Which Car Should You Buy?

Whether you should opt for a car with manual transmission or an automatic transmission depends on your comfort level. If you feel you are comfortable using manual transmission, are used to it, and feel engaged while pressing the clutch and changing gears, then that’s what you should go ahead with. Years of using the clutch while changing gears makes people oblivious to the mechanical nature of the task. However, if you find the task of pressing the clutch and changing gears too taxing, then a car with automatic transmission is the best option for you.

Should You Buy A Car Insurance Policy?

Whether you go for a car with automatic transmission or manual transmission, you need to insure your car to avoid legal trouble. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes it compulsory for all car owners to insure their car. Failing to do so and driving on India roads will lead to legal issues. You can be penalized for it.

It is mandatory to at least purchase the basic Third-party Liability Insurance policy for your car. However, if you want to go for extra insurance coverage, you have the option of purchasing a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy as well. You can also strengthen your Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy by choosing specific popular Add-ons such as Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, Invoice Protection, etc. It is extremely convenient to purchase car insurance online. Read the policy’s terms and conditions to make an informed choice.


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