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How to replace a flat tire of your car?

Changing a flat tire of your car is an easy process. Here is the list of things you will require.

  • Jack

A jack is a tool mostly provided along with your car accessories that helps in lifting a vehicle for the purpose of changing a tire or wheel.

  • Lug wrench

A lug wrench or wheel brace is a tool used to loosen and tighten lug nuts on the vehicle’s wheels. Lug wrenches can be L-shaped or X-shaped. It has sockets of various sizes on each of two or four ends.

  • Wheel wedges

Wheel wedges or chokes will help you secure the car in one place helping you to prevent accidental movement of the car. These are useful if your car is parked on a slope.

The bottom of these chokes is usually coated with rubber for enhanced grip on the road.

  • Fully inflated spare tire
  • Vehicle owner’s manual
  • Flashlight
  • Raincoat (required in the rainy season)
  • A small piece of wood to secure the Jack
  • Gloves

It is important that you keep the above-mentioned items in your car at all times. If you have lost any of these items, get a replacement right away. Another important thing is to keep the spare tire in usable condition. Do check the air pressure in the spare tire every time you check for other tires. Also, check the spare tire for punctures on regular basis.

5 Steps to change a flat tire of your car

When you realize that you have a flat tire, do not immediately pull over. Wait for a safer spot, slowly reduce speed and then stop your car. Also, try to find a flat surface that will help avoid any further risks.

Here are steps to change a flat tire of your car:

Step 1

Switch on your car’s hazard lights so that other drivers can notice your vehicle. Pull the handbrake to secure your car in one place. Next, place the wheel wedges to the tires for additional grip. If you do not have wedges, suitable pieces of brick or stone should serve the purpose.

Step 2

Secure the jack by placing the wooden piece under the jack. Remember that a jack will only lift the vehicle and not secure it in place. That’s the job of wedges.

Do not lift the vehicle before Step 4, or the wheel will keep rotating while you try to loosen the lug nuts.

Step 3

Remove the wheel cover. Car manufacturers have designed their cars in a unique manner. If it is hard to figure out how to remove the cover, refer to the Vehicle owner’s manual. Find the corresponding steps and remove the wheel cover.

Step 4

With the use of a lug wrench, try to loosen the lug nuts. After all the nuts are loose enough, lift the vehicle using the jack. With the jack properly positioned, raise the vehicle until the flat tire is about 6 inches above the ground. Remember to keep away from under the vehicle.

Step 5

Once the jack is in place and nuts are removed, proceed to remove the flat tire by slowly pulling it towards you. Next, place the spare tire on the hub aligning up the rim with the lug bolts. Push the tire to till it is secure.

Step 6

Replace the nuts and tighten them halfway. Proceed to lower the vehicle but do not remove the jack. Allow the tire to touch the ground and tighten all the lug nuts. Remove the jack and replace the wheel cover.

It is not advisable to drive your vehicle on the spare tire for a long time. Make sure to get the flat tire repaired as soon as possible.

Importance of car insurance

It is necessary to always carry the required documents while driving your car. It’s a rule that you carry a car insurance policy, car license, registration certificate, PUC, driving license etc. Your car insurance policy will financially protect you from any unforeseen incidents. Buying car insurance is an easy process. Carrying a valid car license or driving license will help you avoid the traffic fines.


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