Kitchen Ideas: How to Keep Your Kitchen Illness-Free

By on April 18, 2019
Kitchen Ideas

If there is any part of the house that we should always keep immaculately clean, it’s the kitchen. It is where we handle, prepare, serve and eat our food, so it is just right to keep it clean so the food does not get in contact with germs and bacteria, which we all know can cause illnesses, and sometimes death if the bacteria levels are very high. So how can we really keep our kitchen clean at all times? Is it even possible, you may ask? Yes, it is. Also if you use your kitchen on a daily basis and you cook your family’s meals several times a day, it is more reason to keep it spotless. Here are sure-fire ways to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Wipe down

Always wipe down after every use. This is especially important for quartz worktops. London manufacturers apply a sealant on their surface to keep the stones from absorbing liquids. Even if the worktop looks spotless, always wipe it with a soft cloth or a paper towel to ensure that no traces of food ingredients are present. Your stove is another thing that you should always wipe down after each use. Sauces and oil can splatter all over the stove, and not wiping these splatters may result in stains and grime that may be hard to take off after a while.

Wash and dry up

You should always wash cooking implements after using them. But don’t put them away just yet. Dry them first before storing them away. Moist and damp implements may harbour germs and bacteria, so you may want to invest in several soft cloths to use for wiping cooking utensils after washing.

Keep paper towels within easy reach

Paper towels are your friends when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean. Keep a few rolls handy, so you don’t run out of them. When something needs wiping down, you can just grab a piece or two, and you’re good to go. Choose the ones made from recycled paper so you can reduce the carbon footprint you put out in the environment while still keeping your kitchen immaculate and illness-free.

Store liquids in spill-free containers

Liquids are your worst enemies in terms of making sure that your kitchen is clean. If you buy liquids such as condiments, milk and the like, make sure that you can reseal them properly without spilling any should you knock them over. Otherwise, transfer them into airtight containers, so you don’t accidentally drop them and make cleaning the spills a chore. There are cheap containers you can purchase from your local store that will do the job.

The best way you can keep your kitchen immaculately clean is to do little things each day. Do not wait for the weekend or even a month to schedule a clean-up. You can do the cleaning tasks mentioned above each time you use any fixture in the kitchen. It is much easier to maintain the kitchen this way. A few minutes is all you need each day.



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