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Home Demolition Melbourne Made Easy in VIC

There are numerous reasons for you to opt for a home demolition plan. You may either wish to redesign the entire structure or simply wish to make small modifications to the existing structure. Whatever be the reason, it is always better to hire a professional to deal with the demolition process. They have the right tools and expertise to bring down a structure within minutes without causing too much trouble for themselves nor the owner of the demolished property. All you need to do is get a quote with the right professional so that the job gets done properly and without causing a lot of mess around.

Tips to Make Home Demolition Simple

There are several tips that can make the job of home demolition much simpler. These tips can also help you at times. Some of these tips are discussed below.

  • Simple Technique to Remove Wood Screw: There are times when the head of a screw may break off when you try too hard to drive it in a wooden board. The first thing that comes to your mind is to use your locking pliers to pull out the screw. Instead of doing this, a simpler and more effective alternative would be to use your drill. All you need to do is loosen the chuck and then just tighten it around the screw shank. Start the drill in a reverse direction and the headless screw will come out easily.
  • Use Dull Nippers to Pull out Brads: In order to pull out brad nails, the first thing that comes to your mind is to use nippers. However, if you squeeze the nipper too hard, it can easily bite off the brad. An easy way out is to dull the nippers with the help of a metal file. This will prevent this problem from happening.
  • Use Nail Pulling Pliers to Pull out Nails: When it comes to a demolition project, a good tool to use is the crescent code red nail pulling pliers. It is designed to pull out anything as long as there is a minimum of 1/8 inch sticking out so that you can grab it with the pliers. There are some really tough nails, such as coated framing nails, for which you can use a pipe over the handle to give you some added leverage. This tool is capable enough to pull out large screws also. However, it may make a mess of the wooden board. This tool can also be used to pull out concrete nails or screws when the head gets rusted or stripped.
  • Screwdrivers: One of the most commonly found tools in a toolbox, the screwdriver often gets abused when it comes to a demolition project. You can use Klein’s Demolition Driver instead, which is designed to welcome abuses of any type. The metallic shaft goes all the way inside the handle and basically forms a protective cap at the top. It is available in both 4 inches and 7 inches sizes. Whether it is a screw from a wooden board or a concrete screw this tool can handle anything.

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